Rewilding the Highlands: Discovering our Woodland Heritage

Ariel Killick with pupils Over the past two months the children at five local primary schools have been very busy learning about the Caledonian Forest as part of Trees for Life’s Rewilding the Highlands Project … read more

Beavers – unique opportunity for the Scottish Highlands

european beaver 0540 L.Campbell Welcoming the Scottish government’s decision to allow reintroduced beavers to remain in the country announced today, Trees for Life said that it plans to move ahead with investigating the possibilities for bringing beavers to areas north of the Great Glen, working with local communities to identify where they might live without perceived adverse impacts … read more

Red Squirrels in the spotlight

red squirrel 106 L.Campbell Red squirrels are flavour of the month! We have been busy re-introducing red squirrels and dealing with lots of media interest in the work. There has been so much enthusiasm for our wee rusty tree-dweller that we’re hopeful for its future … read more

Return of the reds – reintroduction hope for iconic species

Red squirrel c Peter Cairns medium An innovative project to boost the number of the UK’s red squirrels by relocating individuals to woodlands they cannot reach by themselves is taking a major step forward this month. … read more

  • 11th Nov 2016, by Richard Bunting, Photo © Peter Cairns/ 
  • News, Press release

New Species Profile: Slow Worm

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 21.22.32 This legless lizard is common and widespread in Scotland, but is declining because of habitat loss ... read more

Join us on one of our 2017 Conservation Weeks!

happy group Choose from four beautiful locations in the Highlands to spend a week with us restoring the Caledonian Forest ... book now

Help us rescue the upper River Affric!

TF appeal letter_FINAL WEB-01 The lower Affric River is famed for its beauty, with the native trees lining its banks adding to the splendour of sites such as Dog Falls. However, in the largely tree-less upper reaches of the Affric, it’s a different story. We're asking for your help in raising £15,000 for a crucial new project to return an abundance of life to the river … read more

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