Ice formations on the Red Burn

IMG_5928 Our Founder documents some of the beauty of the winter weather at Allt Ruadh, or Red Burn, just to the west of the buildings at Dundreggan. 

  • 2nd Feb 2016, by Alan Watson Featherstone

Hair ice and frosted lichens

IMG_4907 "With the frost decorating the lichen apothecia like tiny chandeliers, there was a whole miniature world of wonders to explore on the branches of these fallen hazels, and I spent quite a while marvelling at these delicate and ephemeral works of natural art."

  • 25th Jan 2016, by Alan Watson Featherstone

Winter meets autumn in Glen Affric

Snow in Autumnn Glen Affric Our Founder recounts his experience of a relatively rare experience in Scotland – fresh snow on the autumn-coloured leaves of the trees.

  • 28th Dec 2015, by Alan Watson Featherstone

Remembering Doug Tompkins

Doug-Tompkins-view-of-volcano-from-plane The world lost one of its leading and most effective conservationists this week, with the passing of Doug Tompkins, as a result of a kayaking accident on Lago General Carrera in southern Patagonia in Chile. 

  • 14th Dec 2015, by Alan Watson Featherstone

Autumn in the Inverfarigaig rainforest

IMG_4092-300x200 Inverfarigaig is a small village on the southeast side of Loch Ness, about halfway down the loch’s 23 mile length, which takes its name from the River Farigaig that discharges into the loch there. ‘Inver’ is derived from the Gaelic word ‘inhbir’,  meaning ‘the mouth of a river’ and the Farigaig flows from the Monadhliath Mountains more

  • 8th Dec 2015, by Alan Watson Featherstone

A day in the Levishie rainforest

IMG_3577 "In temperate rainforests, the trunks and branches of the trees are completely enveloped in epiphytic mosses and lichens, sometimes forming mats or cushions several inches thick. For me it's always a special experience to step into their green and luxuriant umbrage, especially on a wet day like this, when temperate rainforests are at their most vibrant."

  • 25th Nov 2015, by Alan Watson Featherstone

The natural artwork of Scots pine bark

IMG_2776-300x200 Each year, in the middle of October I like to spend as much time as possible out in the Caledonian Forest, to appreciate the beauty of the trees in the richness of their autumn colours, and to indulge my passion for photographing them at this most special season more

  • 12th Nov 2015, by Alan Watson Featherstone

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