Rediscovery of a rare species at Dundreggan

IMG_7663-300x200 In 2012, during a survey he did for us of aphids on Dundreggan, Ed Baker discovered a species that had never been recorded in Britain before. This turned out to be the giant juniper aphid (Cinara smolandiae), which up until then had only been found in Sweden, Finland and north-west Russia ... read more

  • 2nd Aug 2015, by Alan Watson Featherstone

A remarkably creative weevil

IMG_6120-300x200 On 28th June I spent the day in Glen Affric, mainly photographing insects in the vicinity of Badger Falls and Dog Falls, and in the summer it’s one of the best places in the glen to encounter a diverse range of insects that live on trees ... read more

  • 6th Jul 2015, by Alan Watson Featherstone

The return of the leaves

IMG_4145 Spring has been really late in northern Scotland this year and by the end of April most of the trees were still leafless. In most years, the birches, rowans and other trees generally get their new leaves in the second half of April ... read more

  • 9th Jun 2015, by Alan Watson Featherstone

In search of Scotland’s oldest pines

IMG_3001-Rainbow-over-old-Scots-pine In 1997, the Forestry Commission’s research branch made a remarkable discovery when they were surveying a remote and small remnant of the native pinewoods of the Caledonian Forest in Glen Loyne, in Lochaber ... read more

  • 28th May 2015, by Alan Watson Featherstone

A lichen day in Glen Cannich

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 15.53.11 At the end of February I made a return visit to the area in Glen Cannich that I’d visited last December ... read more

  • 1st May 2015, by Alan Watson Featherstone

Spring delight in Strathfarrar

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 16.24.21 Spring seemed to have finally arrived in the Highlands at the end of the first week in April, when I made my first visit to Glen Strathfarrar for several months

  • 20th Apr 2015

Winter wonderland in Glen Affric

IMG_2210-300x200 After some relatively mild weather in February, winter returned quite suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly to the Highlands in early March. We had just started running this year’s version of our annual focaliser training programme

  • 31st Mar 2015, by Alan Watson Featherstone

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