New spring season starts at Dundreggan 

Volunteers banner for website "It was a real pleasure to be running the first conservation week of the Spring season with my fellow Volunteer Team Leader, and Trees for Life legend, Joan Fairhurst." … read more

  • 12th Apr 2017, by John Hodgson

The adventure of collecting 40,000 seeds!

Emily Warner Kew raspberry collection-1 This year Trees for Life joined forces with The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, to work on The UK National Tree Seed Project. With ever-increasing threats to our native species, Kew is hoping that this project will safeguard trees and shrubs throughout the UK. We have agreed to collect from a variety of species in the northwest highlands of Scotland … read more

  • 8th Dec 2015, by Emma Beckinsale

Rewilding our red deer

red-deer-23-L.Campbell The unnaturally high numbers of red deer found across much of Scotland is one of the major conservation issues faced by those working to restore native woodlands. However, the culling of deer is seen by some as cruel. Here we explain why lower numbers of deer are better both for our forests and for the deer themselves … read more

  • 24th Sep 2015, by Doug Gilbert. Photos: Laurie Campbell

A summer of workshops at Dundreggan

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 14.58.29 Summer at Dundreggan has had its scattering of sunshine and even a day of 25 degree heat in August. A bit late, but we’ll take it! The sun was shining on the last of a series of summers workshops held at Dundreggan, led by Alasdair Taylor, one of our Long-Term Volunteer placements during summer … read more

  • 8th Sep 2015, by Doug Gilbert

Black grouse at dawn

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 16.51.03 I’ve been up super-early several times in the last spell of good weather. My target was to be in position at Dundreggan by first light to observe the weird and slightly comical world of lekking black grouse … read more

  • 27th Apr 2015, by Doug Gilbert

The first signs of spring

079_360__20150209_113943_1424273824_original Dundreggan is a busy place this morning with some ornamental conifers being felled in the Keeper’s Cottage Garden plus a new wood-burning stove being fitted in the Cottage … read more

  • 19th Feb 2015, by Doug Gilbert

Painting the Caledonian Forest

Pond-skater-620x456 My first day at Dundreggan forest was one full of expectation and excitement mixed with a little trepidation at what lay ahead in the coming year. Initially, the scale of the forest and the 10,00 acre Dundreggan estate felt a little daunting and almost too much to take in as a whole. So where to start … read more

  • 18th Nov 2014, by Colin Duncan

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