Brian Bain

Brian Bain

4th Sept 1959 - 17th Sept 2007
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We are planting these trees in loving memory of Brian, a wonderful son, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle, husband and Dad. He loved his family, playing his accordion, taking photos, being a driving instructor and food, especially anything with chocolate! Everyone who knew him thought he was a great guy and he had a wonderful sense of humour which his son Stephen seems to have inherited. He played in a band (The Bain Brothers) with his brother Roy for more than 30 years and gave lots of pleasure to so many people whilst getting great enjoyment himself from watching those people get up and dance to his music. He was a great Dad who loved spending time with his sons, Stephen and Matthew, doing such things as going for night walks, play fighting and reading bedtime stories. He was also a very loving husband who showed he cared in so many different ways. We all miss him but are so glad that he was a part of our lives for the time that he was and that while he was with us he made our lives much better.

Do you make them laugh in Heaven

Do you make them laugh in Heaven,

does your smile bring them good cheer?

Do you make the sun shine brighter,

like you did when you were here?

The very mention of your name,

the memories of your smile,

The little things you said and did,

are with us all the while.

You meant so very much to us,

there's nothing left to say,

Except that without you here

there is no perfect day.

For no-one knows the heartache,

that lies behind our smiles,

no-one knows how many times

I have broken down & cried.

I want to tell you something

so there wont be any doubt,

you're so wonderful to think of,

but so hard to be without...

We hold you close within our hearts,

and there you shall remain.

To walk with us throughout our lives,

until we meet again. xXxXxXxXx

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Thanks for our 20 wonderful years together. I love you and you will always have a special place in my heart. Rhona xx

2 trees have been planted by David and Sandra who remember Brian with good affection

In memory of our good reliable friend Brian. Always remembered. Jacqueline, Stuart and Craig Falconer.

With love Betty x

Loved and remembered always Mum and John

We love you Dad You are the best. Stephen and Matthew

Remembering a great friend with love and affection. Alan and Janet Brown

For Brian, a much missed member of our family. With love from Graham, Elaine, Callum and Erin

Thanks for being a fun uncle and brother-in-law. We miss you. love Andrew, Barbara, Scott, Rachel, Nathan, Emma and Jonathan x

In memory of our much loved Brother-in-law and Uncle, Brian. We miss you. Morna, Mark, Rebekah and Ciaran xx

We miss the unstinting love and care Brian gave to our daughter and their two sons, and his not insignificant contribution to the well-being and happiness of our whole extended family. It is hard to believe that his warm welcoming smile will greet us no more. We are, however, very thankful for the many happy years when we shared his company, his talent, his wit,intelligence and his welcome presence on so many occasions. Eric and Christine.

A much loved uncle, brother in law and a talented accordionist who will be missed by all. Thanks for sharing your life and music with us. Douglas, Val, Sam, Lauren and Kirsty.
Donated by Rhona, David and Sandra, Douglas, Val, Sam, Lauren and Kirsty, Jacqueline, Stuart and Craig Falconer, Betty, Mum and john, Stephen and Matthew, Alan and Janet Brown, Graham, Elaine, Callum and Erin, Andrew, Barbara, Scott, Rachel, Nathan, Emma and Jonatha