Keith Ellis

Keith Ellis

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We honour the life of Keith Ellis (28 January 1937 - 21 June 1998), dear husband, beloved father, mentor and friend. You loved trees and wood and you cared deeply about the wellbeing of our great forests. May your spirit live on in the trees planted on the lands you surveyed.

Old man of wood

Old man of wood,

You know you're good.

Those hands they tell you so.

Your works of art

Come from the heart,

Made from the trees that grow.

The money made by businessmen

For wood supplied and sawed

As nothing to the smell, the touch -

The work is your reward.

Old man of wood

You'll never die;

You'll live within your art

For the crafts your hands create had no end,

Right from the start

Old man, are there many things

That you have left untold?

Or just one secret to be learned

When men of wood grow old!

Douglas Tripp

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