In Loving Memory of

Elsie Sullivan (nee Johnson) of Liverpool, England

September 1, 1915 - December 2, 2008
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Taken on Mum's 85th birthday on the beach in Montrose, Scotland
by her daughter Eunice

Tread softly my child for the road is stony

Take the wrong turn you may end up lonely

Give of your love, your wealth and strength

For only in giving will go the length,

Of the road through life

Give freely and gladly of all you own

Especially to those who feel their alone

For keeping a grasp on the things you don't need

Will hold you back and most surely impede

Your road through life

Try to keep smiling as you go through the years

Put on a brave front when you're near to tears

Always be cheerful through stresses and strife

You'll find it less wearing

On the road through life

When you come to the end and you take a rest

Be sure you can look back and say,

It was not much, but I did my best

As I went on my way,

Along the road through life

By Elsie Sullivan

In loving memory of our dearest Mum, grandmother and great grandmother
she lived the sentiments she wrote about in this poem 40 years ago and her strength of character,
tenacity and sheer will power are attributes she has passed on to us all, how lucky we are to have had her.

Always in our thoughts, her loving daughters Maxine and Eunice

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Happy birthday mum, I'm a great grandma for the 2nd time, Tahlia gave birth to a little girl Bella-Rose 2wks ago and Gayle finally gets married on the 2oth Sept , you would really like Lee and he will be a great son-in-law. Miss you every day and wish you were here to help us celebrate xxxx
Donated by Eunice Solomon
Your birthday every year is a day of special remembrance but you are never forgotten. 💖
This Mother's Day I said a prayer for you in church,
we were celebrating Beatrice's First Holy Communion.
On my travels I find a church or cathedral and light a candle,
you have lit up the world. xx
Donated by Maxine
Mothering Sunday is hard, I miss you a lot,
family is growing all the time,
Kia has young Harley and Tahlia and Bobby are expecting in August,
in September Gayle is getting married to Lee.
Love you xx
Donated by Daughter Eunice
My Grandma has told lots of stories about you,
wish I could see you.
Love Beatrice xx
Donated by Beatrice Campo
Happy Birthday Mum.
You would be 103 this year,
I think I can finally accept that you wouldn’t be with us in person
but you will always be with me in spirit. �'�
Donated by Loving daughter Maxine
Happy birthday Mum,
it may be 10yrs but I still miss you, lots of love xx
Donated by Eunice
Mum I would like you to meet Coretta Hazel Maxine
born to Simon and Joanna on July 3rd 2018.
Your great granddaughter will know and love you
through stories we all tell her of you and your life. xx
Donated by Maxine Black
This Mother's Day
I hope you know how important you were in the world,
not just as a mother, but as a woman who has always tried to do her best
to be kind, strong, generous, and loving.
Love Maxine
Donated by Maxine
Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Always missed, never forgotten.
Donated by Loving daughter Maxine
Happy birthday Mum, just returned from Si and Joannas wedding, you were sadly missed. Love and miss you still every day, your loving daughter Eunice xxx
Donated by Eunice Solomo
Simon is getting married August 19th, her name is Joanna, we love her, you would too. We will remember and celebrate your life by lighting a candle in the church and speaking of you at the reception.x
Donated by Elsie Sullivan
Remembering on Mother's Day. I miss our telephone chats. I miss your scones. I miss having coffee, Baileys's incl. I miss visiting you. I miss listening to your stories. I miss you. 🌺🌹🌺
Donated by Maxine Black
Remembering a very special Mum on this Mothering Sunday. Miss you now as much as ever. Love always Eunice
Donated by Eunice Solomon
Happy birthday Mum, never far from my thoughts but today more so. Love and miss you. Eunice xxx
Donated by Eunice Solomon
Si the Campo clan, Tommy and his book taken at his celebration party on August 7, 2016.
Donated by Maxine Black
Simon's thesis is now printed and bound and a copy on its way to the National Library Archives of Canada, the book is dedicated to you mum; in memory of my grandmother Elsie Sullivan.
Donated by Maxine Black
A tree in honour of your grandson Simon receiving his doctrate degree Feb 23/16. He told his committee that you were with him in Spirit. Well done Dr.Black your grandmother would be so proud of you!
Donated by Maxine Black
Hi Mum, I seem to find Mothering Sunday very difficult. I miss looking for the right gift, bunch of flowers, the perfect card but mostly I miss spending time with you. Love you Eunice xxxx
Donated by Ms Eunice Solomon,
New Years Eve evokes memories of parties in Alton Rd.,
conga lines, you and Auntie Ethel a bit tipsy on port,
later years happy memories of NY
shared with Eunice & you in Mockett Crt. Happy Times! xxx
Donated by Maxine Black
Thinking of you Mum on what would have been your 100th birthday. Wonderful memories flow through me, love you Eunice xxxx
Donated by Eunice Solomon
In loving memory of a wonderful mother, grandmother. You are forever in our hearts and never to be forgotten. On what would be your 100th birthday, we love and miss you. Love Maxine, Ken, Sam & Simon
Donated by Maxine Black
A little late this year for your tree in honour of Canadian Mother's Day, sorry I had trouble with the web site. Mississing you and loving you always. Love Maxine
Donated by Maxine Black
Another Mothering Sunday without you Mum. Missing you,
lots of love Eunice xxxxx
Donated by Eunice Solomon
Another year without you Mum, still loved and missed xxx
Donated by Eunice Solomon
Sadly missed along life's way,
Quietly remembered every day,
No longer in our life to share,
But in our hearts,
She's always there.

Thinking of you mum at this special time of year, you always enjoyed Christmas and made it so special when we were kids.
Donated by Maxine Black
Thinking of you on what would be your 99th birthday. Miss and love you so much. Eunice xxx
Donated by Eunice Solomon
In loving memory of our great Grandmother. Love Ava, Giacomo,Maya and Beatrice xxxx
Donated by Maxine Black
This year to honour you on Mother's Day I posted a photo of you on Instgram, another first for you Mum! Love always, Maxine
Donated by Maxine Black
Thinking of you on Mothering Sunday.Maxine & Larry along with Ken & Jan came over to help me celebrate my 70th birthday then stayed on for a week. It was sad to see them leave and I'm missing them already. Love you MumEunice xxxx
Donated by Eunice Sullivan
Thinking of you at this special time of the year, you are never far from my thoughts. Will raise a glass to you in March when we all get together to celebrate my 70th. Love you Mum.Eunice xxxxI've added a photo of nearly all your great-grandchildren at Kelsies' 21st x
Donated by Eunice Sullivan
That special time of year is upon us again.The the day of your funeral December 17, 1998.Childhood memories of those special Christmases you made for us.Letters sent to Father Christmas thrown up the chimney.Stockings hung at the end of the beds.The tree lite in the front room.How special you made those times.Eunice and I waking up together, finding our stockings filled with small fun gifts and that special gift at the end of our bed.These traditions and more have been passed on to our children and your great grandchildren.You're always in our thoughts Mum.Love you, Maxine and Eunicexx
Donated by Maxine Black
Happy 98th birthday Mum.Larry said you would be thrilled that your favourite team Liverpool, beat Man. United today... your birthday. Eunice will be thrilled too.Always in my thoughts.Love Maxine
Donated by Maxine Black
Happy birthday MumMissing you alwaysLots of love, Eunice xxxx
Donated by Eunice Sullivan
Happy Canadian Mother's Day May 12th 2013. Thinking of you today and always. Love Maxine
Donated by Maxine Black
Happy Mothers' DayIt's early this year as I will be in New Zealand on 10th March. I can hear you saying "what on earth are you going there for?" We are going to visit friends.Lots of love MumEunice xx
Donated by Eunice Sullivan
Happy birthday Mum. The sadness is fading leaving wonderful memories. Miss you Love you Eunice xx
Donated by Eunice Sullivan
September the first again, how time flies.
Danita, Tom and children have just returned to England after a visit.
We spoke often of you and they all shared wonderful memories they have a you.
Danita told me about buying you the luxury hand soap made from olive oil and your comment was "well if I don't wash with it, I can always cook with it" so you!
Happy Birthday Mum, I love and miss you. Maxine
Donated by Maxine Black
Just because I'm missing you Mum. Lots of love always Eunice xx
Donated by Eunice Sullivan
Your in my thought's on Mother's Day 2012 and each day in the year. Love Maxine
Donated by Maxine Black
Eunice and I went to Crosby Beach on the 2nd of January 2012 and scattered a dozen roses in honour of you. I think you were laughing at us as we tried to scatter them and deal with the gale force winds, it was one of those very funny situations you always got a good laugh from. We both love and miss you. Maxine and Eunice xx
Donated by Maxine Black
Love you Mum and miss you every day. Had a wonderful time at Maxine and we laugh & cried a lot while we remembered on our lives with you. Eunice xxx
Donated by Eunice Sullivan
Do not stand at my grave and weep;I am not there. I do not sleep.I am a thousand winds that blow;I am the diamond glints on snow;I am the sunlight on ripened grain;I am the gentle autumn's rain.When you awaken in the morning's hush;I am the swift uplifting rushof quiet birds in circled flight.I am the soft stars that shine at night.Do not stand at my grave and cry:I am not there, I did not die.I remember you each day in so many ways. On December 2nd the fourth anniversary of your passing, I will remember. Your loving daughter, Maxine
Donated by Maxine Black
Miss you lots grandma.x You are in my thoughts every day.
Happy birthday Mum. Going to see Maxine next week so you will be in our thoughts a lot, we have lots of happy memories to share and, as you know, we will not stop talking. Love and miss you still Eunice xxxx
Donated by Eunice Sullivan
September 1st 2011, on what would have been your 96th birthday.
I know your wonderful spirit lives on through your grandchildren Samantha and Simon and your great grandchilren Maya, Giacomo, Ava and Savannah Beatrice.
Love and miss you. Your loving daughter, Maxine
Donated by Maxine Black
Your Great Grandaughter Beatrice Maria Simone was born July 21/2011.
Beatrice will know you through wonderful stories
we will tell her about her Great Grandmother.
Your loving daughter Maxine
Donated by Maxine Black
Another Mother's Day without you.
A day to remember and appreciate the joy and dedication you shared with us
as a mother and grandmother.
Love and miss you, Maxine,
Donated by Maxine Black
Lots of love Mum on Mothers' Day. Love and miss you. Your loving daughter Eunice
Donated by Eunice Sullivan
In loving memory, on the second anniversary. I miss talking to you.
This day is remembered and quietly kept. No words are needed, we shall never forget.
For those we love do not go away, unseen and unheard.
Always in my thoughts, Maxine
Donated by Maxine Black
Happy birthday Mum. in my thoughts every day. Love always Eunice xx
Donated by Eunice Sullivan
In memory of forefilling mums wishes to have her ashes scattered in the River Mersey.
Her loving daughters Maxine and Eunice did this at Crosby Beach on August 24,2010.
It was a lovely time of day early evening, a time mum always enjoyed.
The hills of Wales could be seen in the distance.
For my Mum
Missing you today and everyday, thinking of you on Mothering Sunday.
Your loving daughter Eunice
Remembering you on Mothers Day and every day throughout the year.
Your loving daughter Maxine
Donated by Maxine L Black