In Loving Memory Of

Ernie Cheal

25th February 1939 to 14th February 2011 - Aged 71 Years
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A Dear Dad, Grandad, Husband & Uncle

You were everything a Dad could be;

Always there in times of need,

Protecting, caring, sharing, firm but fair

A perfect role model for times ahead

To you being a Grandad came naturally

Playing and guiding more sedately

Time filled with smiles and happy faces

Each visit treasured with precious memories

Now sadly it's time to say goodbye

Sleep well, dear Dad, for you've done a fine job

I'll miss you sorely now we must part

But you'll be with me always deep in my heart

You always loved woodworking ... now you can watch over the trees in your grove

Love from your daughter, Sam and her husband, John and your Grandsons, Adam & Marcus xxxx

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Donated by Mrs Samantha Lay