The Grove of the Ancient Archer

Douglas E. Gray

Sept.8, 1938 - Sept.28, 2016
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Doug Gray, 78, was an avid outdoorsman and adventurer, a hunter and fisherman who deeply appreciated and was respectful of nature and life. The Grove of the Ancient Archer will continue to grow as the people he loved and who loved him deeply honor his memory and his pride in his Scottish heritage.

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Dad, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This is a year of change. As you know, I'm sure, Tommy will be joining you soon. I know you will all make his passage filled with joy and love. The kids and I are heading down tomorrow to say goodbye. Darrell is already there. We love Tommy and will miss him and the joy he has brought to our lives. It never fades -- our missing you hasn't faded in the least. But I know he'll be at peace because you're at peace, and that gives us peace. I love you, Dad.
Donated by Cathy Beuten
Christmas 2019- I put up our tree this year and smiled as I thought of you saying, "This is the best one yet!". I love you and miss you.
Donated by Judith Gray
You've got a new great-grandson! Dalton is here and healthy and so happy! He's on O2 while his lungs adjust to the altitude, but is unfazed by it all. He looks like Darian.
Donated by Cathy Beuten
Three years. How can that be? Sometimes it seems like you left us yesterday, and other times it seems like an eternity ago. I miss you.
Donated by Cathy
September 8, 2019- Your Birthday. I'll enjoy an Enstrom Turtle in your honor and remember the past Happy Birthday celebrations! I miss you so much and will Love you always, Judy
Donated by Judith Gray
Happy birthday, Dad! I miss you more than words can say.
Donated by Cathy
It's your beautiful granddaughter Lisa's birthday!
We're all thinking of you and missing you!
Donated by The Beutens
Happy Father's Day, Dad! We love and miss you so very much!
Donated by Cathy and the gang
Thank you, Dad, for helping Raul cross over the Rainbow Bridge.
It was so very fast and tragic,
only a few days after his 14th birthday,
but it helped all of us to know you were there for him.
Donated by Cathy Beuten
As you know, Mark (Bro, Uncle Bro) died last night.
I know you were one of the many loved ones
there to greet him and celebrate his life.
Look in on us once in a while, and let the grilling begin! <3
Donated by Cathy
Happy birthday to our sweet, beautiful Stef!
I know you check in on her once in a while,
and that makes me smile.
We both miss you so very, very much!
Donated by The Beutens
Happy birthday, Darrell!
We all love you and are so very proud of you!
Donated by Cathy
Happy birthday Adam!
I know your grandpa is looking down and smiling.
We're all proud of you
and your family and love you very much!
Donated by The Beutens
I miss You.
You are in my mind so much lately.
I felt Like you reached out and grabbed my shoulder the other day.
Was it you? I hope So.
It makes me feel better knowing you are close.
Love, Stef
Donated by Stef
Our Lily is turning 30!
I know you're as proud of her as we are, Dad.
Her family is doing great as is she.
We look forward to taking them out and celebrating!
We hope you're able to stop by. :)
Donated by Cathy and Darrell
Happy 28th birthday to your grandson, our amazing son, Darian!
We're so proud of him and excited for him and Jess to be parents.
They're visiting you here, but we know you're with us often.
Donated by Cathy and Darrell
Happy anniversary!
We will be again honoring you both today
and Cindy is on hand to spoil Mom.
I know they'll visit your memorial and bring turtles.
We love and miss you!
Donated by The Beutens
You're going to be a great-grandpa again!
Darian and Jess' Baby Henderson-Beuten is due Sept. 24,
a couple weeks past your birthday and the day after Dean's.
We're extremely excited!
Donated by Cathy and Darrell
Winter beauty at 8500' thanks to you and Mom for bringing us home 48 years ago. Miss you more than words can say.
Donated by Dan & Carol
Dad, your beautiful bride turns 80 on Feb. 21!
We've already begun spoiling her with a special visit
from some of her grandkids. And it will continue this coming weekend as we get together to feast!
Donated by The Beutens
I sure do miss you, Dad.
Valentine's Day was always so special to us!
This is one of the last gifts you gave me.
One of my many treasures,
and memories, that keep you close.
Donated by Cathy
Happy Valentine's Day, my Love!
I so miss our tradition of trading Enstrom candies!
I'm taking a Dark Chocolate Turtle to the VA Memorial Garden
to enjoy in your honor.
Love you forever.
Donated by Judy Gray
In honor of Cindy's 59th birthday!
Donated by The Beutens
Happy birthday to Jen! She turns 29 today.
Donated by The Beutens
It's Dan's birthday! He and Carol have been such a help to Mom. I know you're proud and grateful -- as I am, too. We love you and miss you every day.
Donated by The Beutens
In honor of Holly's birthday. Your beautiful granddaughter, seen here with her beautiful family, Eric, Jones and Layla.
Donated by Cathy
Happy birthday to your youngest grandchild!
In the time you've been gone, he has become a deputy sheriff and is engaged to Becky, who I'm glad you got to meet.
I know you're proud of him as we are.
Donated by Cathy and Darrell
Dez's birthday! He's our wily little elf.
Soon after you died he asked if I was sad. I said yes.
"Why are you sad?' I said I missed you.
He said, "That's OK, you can come live with me."
Donated by Darrell and Cathy
Oct. 19 is my 57th birthday, Dad!
I wish you were here to celebrate, but I know you're looking after us and that brings me comfort.
And even though you're gone, you still make me smile.
Donated by Cathy
It'll be two years since you left us Sept. 28.
Sometimes it seems like yesterday; sometimes a lifetime ago.
Sometimes I go back and read through our texts and smile.
We will be together to honor you!
Donated by The Beutens
Dean turns 3 Sept. 23. He's smart and sassy and has our blue eyes. Happy birthday to your great-grandson, my precious grandson.
I hope you can check in on him once in a while.
Donated by Darrell and Cathy
Happy 27th birthday to your beautiful granddaughter, Kelli!
Donated by The Beutens
Sept. 8, 2018--This would be your 80th birthday.
We will celebrate YOU and love you always.
This pic was celebrating your 77th.
The special Grandpa shirt was signed by the grandchildren.
A treasure.
Donated by Judy Gray
Happy birthday, Dad!
We'll be run/walking the Denver 5K on Sept. 8.
We're calling it the "Doug Gray 80-Year 5K' in your honor and to celebrate 30 years since your "50-year 5K."
We sure do miss you.
Donated by Cathy and Darrell
Happy Father's Day, Dad! It has been another tough one.
I feel like I should be able to call you, send you pics of my garden,
take you to Los Reyes to celebrate.
I'm keeping my chin up, tho, promise.
Donated by Cathy
Guess what, Dad? We were both right!
It's our 30th anniversary and we're extremely happy about it!
When I lost you, I lost my greatest champion.
But Darrell's doing a great job of it, though.
Donated by Cathy and Darrell
Happy 31st birthday to your beautiful and sassy granddaughter Lisa!
What a beautiful family she has and I know you're delighted.
Donated by The Beutens
In memory of My Hero. We honor you today. Love forever, Judy
Donated by Judith
Happy birthday to your beautiful granddaughter Stef!
We all love and miss you dearly.
Donated by The Beutens
Happy Memorial Day, Dad! I'm thinking about you and missing you.
I'm going through one of those times where it seems like I screw up every thing I do,
and I sure wish you were here to run things by.
Donated by Cathy
Honoring you, Dad, on Darrell's birthday! (May 2)
You were and still are beloved and extremely important to him and to all of us. We love you and miss you.
Donated by Cathy
Happy birthday to your oldest grandson, Adam, on May 2!
You are still with us in spirit always in our celebrations.
Donated by The Beutens
Happy birthday to two of my incredible children --
your grandchildren. Darian turns 27 and Lily is 29.
We all miss you so very much!
Donated by Cathy and Darrell
April 4 -- Happy anniversary, Dad and Mom!
This was from your 50th -- one of the many, many wonderful memories we all share.
And guess what? The Avs are good again!
Donated by The Beutens
Feb. 21 -- It's your beautiful wife's birthday!
She's being spoiled here by your great grandchildren.
I know your heart soars like a hawk,
and I can feel how very proud you are of her.
Donated by The Beutens
Happy Valentine's Day, Dad. I miss you.
Donated by Cathy
Happy birthday to your first born!
Cindy turned 58 on Jan 25.
Donated by The Beutens
Your first grandchild turned 38 on Jan 11! Happy birthday to Jen!
Dad, we all miss you greatly,
but find comfort knowing your spirit walks through the forest with the pups of our past, your present.
Donated by The Beutens
Merry Christmas!
We're thinking of you and honoring you today as we do every day!
Being together we share stories and lots of laughs
and I know you feel that wherever you're at.
Donated by Cathy, Darrell, Lily, Danny, Dez, Dean, Darian, Jess, Dante and Becky
Our last Christmas together...2015.
These trees are Christmas trees for you!
I decorated our tree this year and longed to hear you say,
"This is the Best one yet!".
I miss you and love you always.
Donated by Judith Gray
It's Dan's birthday!
He is truly a remarkable man and a beloved brother,
and we have you and Mom to thank for that!
We love you deeply and miss you daily.
Donated by The Beutens
Happy birthday to your beautiful granddaughter Holly!
We're so sad you didn't get to meet Jones,
but the little family is doing great AND their second baby,
a miracle, is due May 22!
Donated by The Beutens
I don't have to tell you, Dad, that Aunt Kay is no longer with us, because I know she's with all of you.
I smile and get a little teary eyed when I think of that beautiful reunion.
Donated by Cathy
In honor of this young man's 21st birthday Nov. 24.
He started singing "Brandy" out of the blue today
and I knew you were at least passing through.
We sure do miss you.
Donated by Cathy
In honor of Dez's 5th birthday!
(Photo shows both because Dean's didn't upload on here for his birthday.)
Donated by Cathy, Dez and Dean
October 19- In honor of our Cathy's birthday.
This fun picture is in memory of a very special day.
One of my many happy memories of time spent with you, my Love.
Love you forever, Judy
Donated by Judith Gray
It's my birthday, Dad!
Sorry I messed up your hunting trip all those years ago.
Chuckling just thinking about it.
Here's last year's birthday pic of me and the boys.
We'll take this year's tonight.
Donated by Cathy, Dez and Dean
Sept. 28. 1 year of my life without you.
We took this pic at this time two years ago.
We walked around the lake (I lapped you and Mom).
Such beautiful memories!
One I will always treasure. I miss you.
Donated by Cathy
Happy birthday to our Dean! (Sept. 23)
I'm glad you guys got to meet, because he's a lot like me and that means he's a lot like you.
We love and miss you.
Donated by Cathy
This years pumpkins for our beautiful Mom, your beloved wife!
I promised you, Dad, that I'd keep up your tradition of growing her a beauty each year, and I will!
We love and miss you!
Donated by Cathy and Darrell
Adding a tree in honor of Kelli's Sept 11 birthday.
Happy birthday 26th beautiful girl
I know your grandpa is smiling at you!
Donated by The Beutens
Happy Birthday Grandpa. Love you.
Donated by Dante Beuten
Happy birthday to one of my favorite people.
I don't have a day where I don't think about you.
I love you and miss you so much!
Until we meet again.
Xoxox and a pinch.
Donated by Lily, Danny, Dez and Dean
I miss you. I love you. I cannot tell you how often I think, "Oh, Grandpa would love this!"
And then I remember.
Happy Birthday, Grandpa.
We are celebrating you today.
Donated by Jennifer Sadler
Thinking of you on your birthday doing one of the things you loved the most - enjoying the beauty of the mountains.
I will forever miss your laugh, your stories, and your hugs.
Love you, my Bro.
Donated by Linda and Mark MacPherson
Youth always in my heart and on my mind.
Happy heavenly birthday.
Donated by Darrell
Happy birthday, Dad.
We see signs of your influence all around us, and it gives us great comfort.
You live on in the hearts of your kids, grandkids and great-grandkids.
Quite a legacy! Love, Cindy
Donated by Cindy Mahan
My Love, I pray that you are truly at Peace on this birthday.
We feel your spirit among us
and believe that your spirit lives on in the Grove of the Ancient Archer.
Love always, Judy
Donated by Judith A. Gray
Happy birthday, Dad.
I love you with all my heart and I miss you every moment of every day,
even though it is still unfathomable to me that you're gone.
That will never go away.
Donated by Cathy
As archery season is upon us once again, our thoughts often drift to those of Doug launching an arrow, telling a joke and laughing heartily! Hope you are hanging out with us at hunting camp this year.
Donated by Steve and Simonne
A Polaroid camera and Kodak Instamatic?
A couple of chuckles Dan, Carol and I had
as we sorted through a few of your buckets, baskets and crates.
Then it hit me that you're not coming back.
Donated by Cathy
Forever hunting in the Fields with Family, Friends and Dogs!
Enjoy time well spent!
Donated by Your Son, proud to be.
Always my Hero! Love you forever, Judy
Donated by Judith A. Gray
Donated by Cathy
Thought of you all weekend, Dad,
as we hiked up the mountain at the ranch.
I felt you with me and it makes me happy.
This is also my happy place,
where I come on whenever missing you get's too tough.
Donated by Cathy
Donated by A friend
in appreciation for a shining example of how to live a life.
Donated by Guido de Best and Charline Cipriano
Miss you and love you always grandpa.
Donated by Stefanie Griffith
Doug Gray is profoundly missed by his family
and all those who loved him.
The Grove of the Ancient Archer is one
of many ways we will continue to honor him.
He is free and our hearts soar like a hawk.
Donated by Judy, Cindy, Cathy and Dan