William Cummins Memorial Grove

William Cummins

19-OCT-1933 to 05-FEB-2019
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Remember me when I am gone away, gone far away into the silent land, when you can no more hold me by the hand, nor I half turn to go yet turning stay. Yet if you should forget me for a while, and afterwards remember,
do not grieve for if the darkness and corruption leave a vestige of the thoughts that, once I had.
Better by far you should forget and smile, than that you should remember and be sad.

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So sad you are gone but glad you are back with Mum where you belong
Donated by Trish Cummins & John Hailstone
What a joy it was to have you in our lives for so long.
We hope your safely back in Auntie Millie’s arms
where you belong now but we’ll miss you forever.
Donated by Carole Anne and Jim
Donated by Marianne Moyes