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Trees for Life plants dedicated groves of trees to restore the ancient Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands. We’ve planted over a million trees and are now working to expand the forests with a million more.

Tree planting

Your trees...


...will be planted with many other trees...

Forest create a beautiful, natural forest.

The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

A Grove of trees in the Highlands of Scotland

Happy birthday to

Sue Watterson

Happy Birthday love Toria and Colin xxxx
"Don't buy me chocolate. Plant a tree instead please!"

Our grove

The donations total of £335 will plant a grove of 65 trees!

Please click here to make a donation and write a dedication
for this grove via our secure server:

We can also take your donation by phone: 0845 458 3505.
Thank you.

A big thank you to . . .

Colin Watterson, Victoria Pearson


Happy Birthday!! :)

Morning Sue! :o) xxxx

Happy mothers day love Toria. xx

Merry Christmas from Toria, Vernon and the men! xx

Happy Birthday, love you xxxx

Merry Christmas Sue,

Love from Vernon, Toria, Moo and the Tron

x x x

Happy Birthday auld yin! ;)

Happy mothers day love Toria. xxx

I suppose this is a festive gift, a christmas tree!

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas,

x x x

Happy Birthday love Toria and Vernon. :) xx

Two trees for Maynard xxxx

You rock!!

Happy Mothers Day love Toria. xxx

Merry Giftmas & Best wishes
*Insert your own Christmas Tree joke*
Love Vernon x x x

To cheer you up because your favourite cup got broken. Love Colin xxxx.

A tree is for life not just for Christmas ;-)
Love Toria xxx

Happy Christmas... (Strange present but know you will be happy!)
Love from Emma, Mark & Scott xXx

Merry Christmas Mum; Susie, Bonnie, Rio, Freddie B. & The 'Nard xxxxxx

Rain on Scots pine needles.

Scots pines and birches in fog in autumn.

European beaver Photo by Laurie Campbel.

Trees for Life is an award winning conservation charity working to restore the Caledonian Forest
and all its species to a large contiguous area in the Highlands of Scotland.

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