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Trees for Life plants dedicated groves of trees to restore the ancient Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands. We’ve planted over a million trees and are now working to expand the forests with a million more.

Tree planting

Your trees...


...will be planted with many other trees...

Forest create a beautiful, natural forest.

The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

A Grove of trees in the Highlands of Scotland

Matt Lygate Memorial

Matt Lygate

26/12/1938 - 10/1/2012

Matt Lygate - a loving father, husband, brother,
philosopher and teacher to many.

A lover of nature and all living things.

A man who lived and died in the struggle for the liberation of man.

Our grove

The donations total of £381 will plant a grove of 74 trees!

Please click here to make a donation and write a dedication
for this grove via our secure server:

We can also take your donation by phone: 0845 458 3505.
Thank you.

A big thank you to . . .

Family Lygate, Lygate Family and friends


"An honest man here lies at rest
As e're god with his image blest.
The friend of man, the friend of truth;
The friend of Age, and guide of youth:
Few hearts like his with virtue warm'd,
Few heads with knowledge so inform'd:
If there's another world, he lives in bliss;
If there is none, he made the best of this."

Robert Burns

To thole this life I can no longer;
Endure it yet i must,
Till death at last, that glorious state,
Shall render me to dust

Why should it be, no man can tell,
Are mortals 'made to mourn'
why, even when no one did ask,
Yet child and man were born!

The oak lives through its thousand years,
Not stopping to enquire,
And when at last its time has run,
It ends upon the fire.

But man with thinking, conscious mind,
Knowing nought , but what has long been known,
The surest thing in life is death,
As every rose has thorn.

What purpose then for mind and heart,
When life goes on the same
Perhaps its not for us to reason why
but just to play the game!

The wretched form it staggers on
through life which is so brief
Its greatest parts the mind and heart
oft' shattered and torn by grief

The ones who love you have left you now
Through death, or worse despair
And on your own you try to think
But end up with blank stare

"I'll end it all!" you shriek inside
At last you've reached that stage,
Which marks the part when mind and heart
Seem governed by pure rage.

But wait! That conscious mind,
That everloving heart
When reasoned, yet unknowing ways
Cries out "Tis not time to depart!"

There's so much more than this three score
And ten years, we call life
The greatest part of living is,
The challenge of this strife

In struggle, man can use his mind,
And know himself the better,
With courage bold he'll battle on
And free himself from fetter.

Pine marten. Photo by Laurie Campbell.

Scots pines and birches in fog in autumn.

European beaver Photo by Laurie Campbel.

Trees for Life is an award winning conservation charity working to restore the Caledonian Forest
and all its species to a large contiguous area in the Highlands of Scotland.

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