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Trees for Life plants dedicated groves of trees to restore the ancient Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands. We’ve planted over a million trees and are now working to expand the forests with a million more.

Tree planting

Your trees...


...will be planted with many other trees...

Forest create a beautiful, natural forest.

The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

A Grove of trees in the Highlands of Scotland



7th June 2014

Let's create a beautiful grove in memory of the Order's founder Nuinn - to give back to the Earth and to celebrate the Order's founding fifty years ago!

Our grove

The donations total of £2,815 will plant a grove of 561 trees!

Please click here to make a donation and write a dedication
for this grove via our secure server:

We can also take your donation by phone: 0845 458 3505.
Thank you.

A big thank you to . . .

Janet Bradshaw, Sonia Stefania, Linda Milks, Celia Powles, Matthew Appleton, Kieran Ely-O'carroll, Wolf & Melanie Lorien, Renata Bartoli, Donna Thomas, Guenter Rutkowski, Katie Morgan, Tanja Kaiser, Elena & Andrew Frost, Pascale Titley, Janet Moller, Aurora Stone, Chris and Robert Comber, Chelsea Duke, Kevin & Victoria Redgrave, ANDREA BADDELEY, Dany Seignabou, Ruth Steinhausen, nick roberts, Mike O'Day, Joe Saunders, Paul Hardaker, Familie Griethe, Lindsey Clark, Karla Douglass-Sinclair, Mark Buxton, Joe Roberson, Sheila Lisster, Alexandra Krokowski, Georgina McGhie, Paul Foster, Bec Collins, Erin Campbell-Stagg, Kelly Horn, Emily Nolan, Sue Wookey, Ellie Robson, Jaimie Pattison, Sheree Campbell, Lynn Rhiannon Selkie Genevieve, Barb McFarlane, Cynthia Batchelor, Louise Wylie, Suzanne Baxter, Christopher Cordry, Sarah Arkle, Bill Murphy, Jeremy & Caroline Holmes, Ian Allsop, Carni Tipton, Rhiannon Grant, Lesley Salchert, Julie Bond, Mical Lewis, Tony Kornasiewicz, Mandy Gibson, Jon Nash, Monique Bouchard, Joseph Faulds, Daniel & Christina Dearman, Stacey Crawshaw, margery forrest, Philip Carr-Gomm, Timothy Le Cocq, Kevin Thompson, Chris McDermott, Tim Woolmington, Sabrina Schmitt, Richard Self, Wanda Ghostpeeker, Susan Townsend, The Can-y-Gwynt Grove, Cylch Draig, Karen James, David Shorey, Dana Wiyninger, Katherine Dawes, Jonathan Holland, Shakti Genaine, Maureen Cardinael, Christopher Cooney, Ricky Gellissen, Catriona McDonald, Sebastian Nagl, Stuart Taylor, William Simpson, Hennie van Geel, Maria-Alejandra Calle, craig williams, rick clarke, Rory Bowman, Earl Livings, Margaret Hubbard, John Chambers, Anne Patterson, jacki woolmington, John King, Sara Galloway, Eric Rodriguez, Cathrine Plumridge, Leonore Newson, Mark Muskoka, Alan Beevers


As we plant these trees may there be peace throughout this land. Blessed Be.Awen.

Great Goddess of Earth, Spirits of this Forest; I dedicate this gift to you.

Thank you for the blessings of past, present and future. May this wood heal and provide sanctuary to all beings who enter it

Because I love you.

For the peace of the souls of:
Pat Beutel Warren Milks Angeles Arrien Bobbie Cosgrove

Awen and Blessed Be

May the wisdom of nature inspire us to walk this beautiful land in balance with her ways. May our hearts open to peace and our minds to new solutions for the challenges of this age.

May Celtic Unity grow, from the roots to the light, Lugh and Danu smile upon this little one and let hope be carried forward for the sacred Celtic tribes who will dwell in the forests yet to come, with all our love from the tribes of today. /T

Dedicated to Eric Winch a dear friend and dedicated Pagan who left us a few years back, and to Cyrus Taylor, who joined us 3rd August 2013. Blessed Be.

To my beloved, wonderful nine (feline) babies on both sides of the Veil, my partners of many lives and soulmates: Gwydion, Rhiannon, Panda-Jacky, Taliesin, Viviane du Lac, Niniane-Nimue, Deva, Onyx, Vincent-Vinnie. A gift of new life to each of them to breathe in the wind, the sun, the moon, the rain and the snow. With love.

For the health of the Earth and all living beings who abide upon her.

May the trees prosper and heal the world. Al Hakim

May there be peace in the North, peace in the East, peace in the South, peace in the West. May there be peace throughout the world. May the Awen ever shine through you. Blessed be.

Just AWEN!

To the guardian spirits of the Earth, may this tree bring balance and harmony, standing strong against the tide of time. May it be a source of joy in the spirit of nature, nuturing the creatures who take sanctuary in the roots and boughs. Let the benefits reach far beyond where our memories have long faded.

For all the Tree Beings who have fallen because of human greed

With deep gratitude and reverence for the spirit in all life, I dedicate this tree to the sparkling light and radiant love of the nature spirit kingdom with whom we are inspired, guided and nurtured. May the life of this sacred tree be blessed. May it's loving presence bring blessings to this land and to all who dwell here; and it's wisdom be felt over all the Earth.

In gratitude for my daughters, my ancestors of the land, my Guardians and Companions, and looking towards a golden autumn.

Donations received from OBOD 50th anniversary gathering in Glastonbury for Avalon Oaks.

In memory of those of our family who have gone on ahead

Fear is temporary, regret lasts forever. Always follow your dreams.

May all of human kind be happy and well. May the great noble lords protect the earth in every way by the path of just virtue. May there be perpetual joy for those who know the real nature of things. May all the worlds be happy. May the rains fall on time and may the earth yield it's produce in abundance. May this country be free from disturbances and may the knowers of the truth be free from fear.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

One for the past, One for the present, One for the future, Blessed be

A tree in honor of Raymond my father and a tree in honor of Albertine my grandmother, avec tout mon amour

Three aims to the future: planting trees, improving handicraft, and rearing lawful children.

To my lovely 3 boys, Finley, Freddie & Morgan. peace be with you all ways Dad,

I dedicate this tree to generations yet to come. May they find peace, hope and inspiration in this grove.

I feel that we all need to do something for nature.

Blessings of the four elements
Blessings of the four dreams
Blessings of above and below
Be upon these trees

Blessings of the four elements
Blessings of the four dreams
Blessings of above and below
Be upon these trees

May the goodness of this sacred grove benefit all beings.

For my father

Who always wanted to plant a tree but never got around to it

This tree is for Dierk - and for all people who never fulfilled their wish in life to plant a tree.

May it bring peace to them.

For my kin and ancestors, for my anam caras, for the land upon which I have dwelled.

May this tree find its place in this grove and be nourished by the earth as it grows. With love.

With this tree
May love be strengthened for all
In honour of all the ancestors
Who came before

For the Druid Wizard who was my father Ralph Cecil Douglass
His actions live on-FOR SPIRIT WARRIOR!

Blessings of deep roots and ancient limbs, blessings of all things to come, blessings of all that is the story behind these trees, blessings of long life and powerful peace, passion and inspiration, to all who meet these trees.

For the love of it.

In celebration of OBOD - past, present and future. Sheila L.

For the Light and Love in all Beings

For my son Duncan who deserves to grow up on the Earth as it was meant to be.

For my dream Druid who came to me in a dream when I was five years old and told me my life purpose, I give you this tree to honor the power of dreams.

For my paternal ancestors who carried the deep, true justice from one generation to the next, I give you this tree to honor perseverance for a just world.

For my maternal ancestors who passed the gifts of wild minded creativity from one generation to the next, I give you this tree to honor the wondrous creative force in all creation.

For my beloved son who carries in him the sense of justice from his grandfather and the creative genius from his grandmother, I give you this tree to protect your future.

In memory of the past and hope for the future we plant this tree here and now in the present in honour of Kevin Foster Beloved Father, Husband, Son and Uncle, sadly missed these last years

Being Druid has brought me closer to my ancestry and made me feel whole and full filed. May the Beltane goddess bless you all. Happy 50th Anniversary!

For David, Happy Birthday!

Dedicated in love and thanks to the memory of Dilys and Gordon Wookey, Nora Bloxam, Elaine Cousins and Mary Ann Macnamara.

Thank you, Nuinn for clearing the path for others to find. May this forest grow and flourish.

In honour and memory of Nuinn, my parents who planted me in Bricket Wood where so much else took root and the seven stars who stayed with me so briefly

This tree is dedicated to my Welsh ancestors. May peace be with them.

For the love of trees and of Scotland..blessed be.

We bless this tree as it sends it's roots down to the Mother and raises it's branches to the Father.

To Mother of All. May we always honor and respect you.

In light and love, so may it be.

My love and blessings to Mother Earth and to the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids who honour her. May these two trees grow tall and strong, providing shelter, sustenance and pleasure to all who encounter them.

Oh SACRED TREES - Brightest Blessings for you, as your roots grow deep into mother earth to help the world breathe healthier once more X

In memory of Robert Cowan Cordry, proud American descendant of the Clan Colquhoun, veteran, teacher, husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.

Blessings on the beauty that this gift will bestow to those who see saplings and those that see the mature trees

May all who spend time in This grove be blessed with love and laughter, health and happiness and the gift of always being able to look at the world through the eyes of a child,
Awen Awen Awen
Bill Eileen Fionn and Oisìn

Be blessed by Earth, Air, Fire and Water. May your roots grow deep and your leaves be bathed in Sunlight and soft rain.

With many blessings from The Rhwng Gwy a Hafen Seedgroup.

A gift to Mother Earth from one of her many grateful children. With much love, from Carni x

Hail, hail, and well met,
Brigid, Lady of the Flame;
forge your words with healer's hands.

Hail, hail, and well met,
Merlin of the wildest wood;
may I find friendship as did you.

Learning from the past
Living in the present
Caring for the future

To all the trees: May you grow strong and tall, and live out your lives in peace and contentment. Trees are Life!

Many blessings and much love to all beings.

The saplings in the grovernare ourselves, rnand we too grow.

May this tree be the first of many more planted on this land in the name of peace, healing and awen

In honor of Ian Kerr Murdock Stewart, a good steward of trees - may he and the grove be blessed in their growing and enrichment of the world.

Hope for future generations to preserve, and watch over the Earth that sustains us all. Bright blessings!

May these trees, like our love, ever grow. May these trees be the physical representation of our hand-fasting reading of the tale of Baucis and Philemon. May they ground us in peace with each other, peace with ourselves and peace with the world.

Many Blessings!

I dedicate this tree to my ancestors.

May peace and healing go from us and this place to the whole world.

May the work of OBOD continue to enhance the spiritual lives of its members as these trees continue to enhance the beauty of the Earth.

May this grove be blessed with love and peace

With love, with joy, with respect.

May this tree aid mother Earth in her survival by helping to unite all peoples in love, harmony and peace. So may it be.

For the healing of Mother Earth and in celebration of Nature´s beauty.

Blessings From Aotearoa New Zealand

By Land, Sea, and Sky, may these trees grow with all the love sent from deep within our hearts for Nuinn, our cherished ancestors, and our beloved Mother Earth. May each tree grow tall and strong under the rainbow skies of Caledonia forevermore.

May the light of this Grove extend to all of our wild life friends fur, feather and fin with our gratitude and love for their many blessings, may humanity learn to love and respect all.

May the forest rise again, The Can-y-Gwynt Grove, North Wales

May this Grove be a blessing upon the land; may it please the Gods; may the Fae rejoice within it. With love and gratitude, the clan of Cylch Draig, Northern California

We love you dear trees, fauna, creatures and great elements

In memory of Hyperion and in honor of the Brother Initiates of the Unnamed Path.

In memory of Hyperion of the Unnamed Path.

May this grove foster peace, light, and love.

May this grove be a place of peace and inspiration for generations to come.

From the Lothlorien_Nemeton Grove in Spain. May we live to see the forests grow again, all over the world.

May our trees tell our story to the future generations.

May this help to renew our Mother, Danu.

In loving memory of my brother, Dieter

Though the children of this land have drifted far upon wind and wave, we remember our roots. Shade, water, and wisdom to all who shall visit this sacred place.

May the peace of the Tree be upon us, and the Light shine on us all.

A blessing on the land

To my grandmother, who planted the seed of learning in my soul.

To my beloved father Carlos Eduardo Calle, wherever you are may your soul shine with the green light of this tree. Your daughter. Alejandra

May our future children look upon us as Ancestors who made a positive change!

May all that is good find sanctuary in this grove. Peace into Power into Peace. Tinne and Mrs Tinne

With all good wishes from Cascadia, North America.

For all those who respect the Land and work towards its healing.

For the future of this world and all life within it.

Let us stand close and breathe life upon one another and upon our Sacred Mother.

May the grove be a place of peace and beauty, a sanctuary for all beings who come there.

Joy, Peace, and the music of Life to all beings; heart to heart, hand in hand...[and 'le beannachdan', w/love and blessings, to Obod and to Scotland]

May the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water blessed this tree and may it be as fruitful as OBOD has been and will continue to be

May your roots be nurtured by Earth
May you drink the rainfall of Water
May you flourish under the Fire of the sun
May you know the touch of Air in your branches

In celebration of the earth and spirit of Druidry, may the planting of these trees endure the test of time and carry-on the tradition of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

To our ancestors, especially my tree loving mum from the Forest of Dean.

Honouring those who have gone before us and those who have yet to come.

May there be peace across the whole world.

Mother Mother Mother, may you heal and radiate beautiful life!

To Nuinn, OBOD and Mother Earth - in celebration and awe.

"May this grove become a place of healing, peace and harmony!"

Red deer hinds and juniper on Dundreggan.

Scots pines and birches in fog in autumn.

Lesser butterly-orchid, West Affric.

Trees for Life is an award winning conservation charity working to restore the Caledonian Forest
and all its species to a large contiguous area in the Highlands of Scotland.

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