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Trees for Life secures support from the National Lottery

Glen Affric Landscape size reduced, toned down Trees for Life secures support from the National Lottery … read more

Rare species discovered at ‘lost world’ estate near Loch Ness

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 12.10.55 Surveys at Trees for Life’s Dundreggan Conservation Estate near Loch Ness have revealed a range of rare species, including a midge never recorded in the United Kingdom before – underlining the site’s growing reputation as a ‘lost world’ for biodiversity … read more

Native woodlands and rewilding brought to life for Highland schools

Claire Hewitt with pupils Schools in the Highlands are working with conservation charity Trees for Life to learn firsthand about native woodlands and rewilding through a new project that combines tree planting with storytelling, folklore, history, geography, poetry and song … read more

Beavers – unique opportunity for the Scottish Highlands

european beaver 0540 L.Campbell Welcoming the Scottish government’s decision to allow reintroduced beavers to remain in the country announced today, Trees for Life said that it plans to move ahead with investigating the possibilities for bringing beavers to areas north of the Great Glen, working with local communities to identify where they might live without perceived adverse impacts … read more

Return of the reds – reintroduction hope for iconic species

Red squirrel c Peter Cairns medium An innovative project to boost the number of the UK’s red squirrels by relocating individuals to woodlands they cannot reach by themselves is taking a major step forward this month. … read more

  • 11th Nov 2016, by Richard Bunting, Photo © Peter Cairns/ 
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Woodland soundscape survey offers new way to measure biodiversity

sound IMG_0355 Dundreggan - Birch trees, blue sky & cloud formation (medium) An innovative study of soundscapes at Trees for Life’s Dundreggan Conservation Estate near Loch Ness aims to reveal new findings about woodland health and the richness of wildlife at the 10,000-acre biodiversity hotspot. … read more

Journey With Trees launches map exploring Scotland’s lost woods and wildlife

L-R Lorna Linfield, Shela-Ann Ryan, Ariel Killick as  Forest nymph, Dundreggan Conservation Estate (medium) The lost woods and wildlife of the Highlands are to be rediscovered thanks to a new Gaelic place-name map project led by Trees for Life, which will promote the cultural importance of Scotland’s native woodland heritage. … read more

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