Trees for Life secures support from the National Lottery

Glen Affric Landscape size reduced, toned down Trees for Life secures support from the National Lottery … read more

Into the canopy in search of seeds

P2140013 Our contribution to The Millennium Seed Bank is growing, as we took to the canopy in search of some hard-to-reach Scots pine cones … read more

Rewilding the Highlands: Discovering our Woodland Heritage

Ariel Killick with pupils Over the past two months the children at five local primary schools have been very busy learning about the Caledonian Forest as part of Trees for Life’s Rewilding the Highlands Project … read more

Red Squirrels in the spotlight

red squirrel 106 L.Campbell Red squirrels are flavour of the month! We have been busy re-introducing red squirrels and dealing with lots of media interest in the work. There has been so much enthusiasm for our wee rusty tree-dweller that we’re hopeful for its future … read more

New project seeks first major boost in Scotland’s red squirrel numbers in decades

(small) Red squirrel by Peter Cairns The Caledonian Forest Wildlife Project – which launches this summer – has the ambitious goal of establishing 10 new populations of the species in the Highlands over the next three years, with the long-term aim of boosting red squirrel numbers in Scotland by more than 10 per cent … read more

Do red squirrels visit your garden? If so, we need your help!

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 17.00.32 Over the next three years Trees for Life will be carrying out a groundbreaking Red Squirrel Reintroduction Project, to increase numbers of this charismatic species across the Highlands. Red squirrels were once present across the UK but are now mainly restricted to Scotland, with small numbers in England and Wales ... read more

Results of our work - Natural regeneration at Allt Beithe Garbh

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 15.37.42 Allt Beithe Garbh is a 23 acre exclosure that we established for forest restoration in 1995. It was the second of ten fenced areas that we erected between 1994 and 2000 in partnership with the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) on their West Affric estate. The growth of trees since then demonstrates very effectively how a forest will naturally re-establish in the absence of over-grazing by red deer and sheep ... read more

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