Jennie's memorial grove
Jennifer Helen Brown (neé Mallan) Newlands, Glasgow

Jennie grove

At thirty one years of age our loving, caring, beautiful, intelligent Jennie passed away, with total and dreadful unexpectedness, in her sleep, on the 24th July 2006 (the first birthday of her little boy, Thomas) at Van Mildert College, University of Durham. Jennie was there participating on a residential week study course, as part of the Psychology degree with the Open University, upon which she was engaged.

The truly loved wife of Lindsay, adored mummy of Thomas, cherished daughter of Helen and Peter Mallan, dear sister of John, and beloved aunt of Heather, our dearest Jennie's departure has left a huge void in all our lives.

Jennie was a musician. She played flute with the Glasgow Wind Band, and flute was her 1st study instrument throughout her studies for B.Ed (Hons) Music degree, which she gained from Aberdeen in 1998. She also had a beautiful soprano voice, and sang with the junior section of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra choir, and, later, with the Glasgow Lyric Choir. In addition, she played piano, recorder and guitar.

After her probationary teaching period was completed with Glasgow Education Department she travelled solo around the world for two and half years, taking music with her, and sharing it with children and young people wherever she went France, Germany, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa. Jennie was a superb teacher, one who encouraged her pupils to achieve their full potential. She had high standards. She expected much, but she also gave much. Those who knew her within teaching spoke of her being popular, a good mixer, willing to go the extra mile, enthusiastic, a woman of absolute integrity and considerable inner strength, sensitive and selfless. All this, and with a ready smile which endeared her to all.

As Jennie was in her profession, so was she in life. Consistent in character, thoughtful, helpful, someone who, when she began something always went on to complete it; a girl with a kind and caring heart, a good sense of humour and a beautiful smile.

All that she was caught the attention of Lindsay, and when she returned from her world travels in June 2002, their friendship quickly grew to much more, and on Christmas Eve 2002 they were officially engaged.

The travelling continued, but now with Lindsay at her side. A trekking holiday in Alaska where they camped in the wild, climbed a glacier field, went whale watching, enjoyed sea kayaking and white water rafting, took a sea plane into the Chugach Mountains all in a day's work for a woman who had scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef and sky dived in New Zealand.

Throughout all her travels Jennie's love for her native land never wavered. She was a deeply patriotic Scot. To paraphrase the song that her singer father made so famous, "These were her mountains". The preservation of Scotland and her heritage was important to Jennie. This grove of trees is a fitting tribute to that vision. Her final resting place is on the enchanted Eildon Hills of the Border region.

During most of her teaching career Jennie had shown a particular interest in working with pupils with special needs. Even before she had completed her studies she had worked with adults with learning difficulties in camps in the USA. She worked in many schools specializing in pupils with physical, mental or behavioural problems. On her return to Scotland she started working full time at Kennyhill School in the East end of Glasgow. This school worked with pupils with moderate learning difficulties and emotional, social and behavioural problems. Many came from difficult backgrounds. Jennie achieved many great things with these pupils. Her belief that music can enhance the development of all people was evident in her enthusiasm and her popularity at the school. It was her desire to further help vulnerable children and young people that motivated her to continue her studies onto Psychology.

In June 2004, Lindsay and Jennie were married in Mearns Kirk, Newton Mearns a joyful day for all concerned. Via Los Angeles and Las Vegas, an idyllic honeymoon in Hawaii followed, which included a helicopter ride over volcanoes, and a submarine trip into the reefs, as well as enjoying Waikiki Beach. A visit to Pearl Harbour followed and then the return journey began. Stop overs in San Francisco and New York allowed them to enjoy cable car rides, Alcatraz and an always to be remembered carriage ride round Central Park, albeit in Scottish style pouring rain.

A week's holiday three months later saw them in Sicily exploring the sites and artefacts of historical interest from the Greek and Roman civilizations, and, of course, climbing Mount Etna.

Hogmanay was celebrated on the Champs Elysees in true Parisian style, and Jennie made the time, with Lindsay, to place a rose at Chopin's final resting place.

Thomas Dale Rutherford Brown was born on the 24th July 2005 and Jennie and Lindsay's cup of happiness was running over. Jennie was an adoring and wonderful mother, calm and serene. All Thomas' needs and requirements were attended to with the greatest love, and his developmental progress aided by Jennie's meticulous attention. He benefited from massage classes, signing classes (to help communication prior to speech) , swimming classes, play groups, and, three times a week, nursery school, to help social interaction, and also to allow Jennie study time for her Psychology degree.

Nothing that might be of benefit to Thomas was overlooked. Time with books, toys, music, trips to the park to feed the ducks, organic foods with lots of vegetables and fruit whatever Thomas needed Jennie and Lindsay provided, with their deepest love.

In July 2006, Jennie and Lindsay were delighted when a second pregnancy was confirmed. They eagerly anticipated a companion for Thomas, possibly a sister to be named Imogen Helen.

Thomas, fortunately, (if the word "fortunate" can be applied anywhere in this tragedy) was just too young for the full sadness of the situation to impact too much. He was a quieter little boy for a couple of weeks, and pointed at pictures of his Mummy enquiringly, but is fortunate to have a wonderful Daddy, who had always shared the caring of him with Jennie, and who loves him more than anything else in the world. He also has doting Grandparents who would do anything for him, Uncle Johnny close at hand, and a supportive circle of excellent friends and family.

And so he grows, a happy, sturdy little fellow, with a sunny disposition, and a smile that melts hearts. May it always be so!

"He is the smallest thief in the world", says his Papa Mallan. "He steals hearts!"

And each year, on his birthday, we will remember our darling girl with full hearts. And in our hearts, too, a commitment to Thomas, renewed each 24th July that we, who have the privilege of helping and guiding him through his formative years, will help him to achieve the same high standards of behaviour and character that his mother so gently and beautifully showed throughout her life honour, integrity, patience, kindness, courage.

May we find the strength to achieve the same high standards ourselves, and lead him, lovingly and by example, to manhood.

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by her father, Scottish tenor Peter Mallan.

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Words by Leigh Hunt (1784 - 1859)
Music by Peter Mallan (1934 - 2014)

In the early years of the nineteenth century, the great Scottish philosopher and writer, Thomas Carlyle, moved from Edinburgh to London with his wife Jane, and took his place among the literary illuminati of this fecund time.

In 1835, the poet Leigh Hunt visited the Carlyles at their home in Chelsea. He was so moved by the kiss of welcome given to him by Jenny (Carlyle’s pet name for his wife) that he presented her, a day or two later, with a little poem – a poem timelessly, trenchantly, and touchingly lovely, regarding the import of that kiss.

And so, influenced by that poem, our Jennie was named; our Jennie, whose kiss was every bit as inspirational to those of us who had the privilege of knowing her and loving her, as was the original, written over a century earlier.

We were honoured, Jennie, to have stewardship of you during your time in this mortal world. Thank you for your gift of love, and for the sunshine you brought to the lives of so many. And for the legacy of Thomas, child of yours, and of your dearly loved and devoted husband, Lindsay.

Peter and Helen Mallan

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Jennie was a kind and vibrant young woman. We hope her grove in the Caledonian Forest will thrive as a living legacy to her deep-rooted love of family, friends and her native Scotland. We miss you!

Donated by John-Joseph van Haelewyn and John Nguyen

29th December 2016

Donated by Luana and Brian McKenna

18th August 2016

With thanks for wonderful music on a sad occasion. Thanks, Jenny, for your great mum and brother.

Donated by Jean Byrne

11th July 2016

For Jennie

Donated by sakina

27th May 2016

Donated by Kirkhill Primary School, Newton Mearns

7th July 2015

Donated by David and Jacqueline Kerr

7th July 2015

To Thomas, from Cristiana McLaughlin (neé McKenna)

Jennie and I were at Holyrood Secondary together. She was in the year above me, in my big brother Christopher's class, but we became friendly when I took up the flute. Jennie was always smiley, kind, well spoken, sympathetic and considerate. I never heard her utter a bad word about anyone. She was a fantastic flute player and was always modest about her talents. This modesty was even more apparent when I met Jennie years later at Tots and Toddlers. Most Thursdays we would have coffee after the class but it was only at her funeral that I found out about all her travels and adventures over the years. We were too busy usually, chatting about the organic mush she was planning to give you for lunch! Jennie was a doting and adoring mother and that was clear to everyone around. You were always smiling when you were in her arms.

Donated by Christiana McKenna/ McLaughlin

16th April 2015

Donated by Cristiana and Martin McLaughlin

11th December 2014

From Eddie Doran

Donated by Eddie Doran

Donated by Fergus Ewing

Donated by Archie R Murray

For dearest Jennie, and for Scotland, with love. Amanda Johnstone

Donated by Amanda Johnstone

Donated by Jean Ghaznavi

Donated by Yla Steven

Donated by Rosina Lamont

Donated by Ccile Docherty


Donated by Edward Joffe

Donated by John Beattie

Donated by James Anderson

Donated by Yvonne Wallace

26th May 2014

To the memory of such a short yet full life.

Donated by John MacCalman

26th May 2014

Both Jenny and Richard would have wished you well for your 80th birthday Peter, and your 50th wedding anniversary, Helen and Peter. We add our ever Evie, Graham and the Teasdale Gang. xxx

Donated by Evelyn Teasdale

26th May 2014

Donated by Hazel & Tawata Hacaambwa

26th May 2014

We feel as if we know you Jennie through the loving and long-lasting memory of your parents Helen & Peter. Look down on them and keep them safe. With kindest regards from Les & Ana Hendren

Donated by Les Hendren

26th May 2014

This is in memory Jennie whom we met in New York with Helen and Peter. We have not yet met Thomas, but we follow his progress through Helen. We know he is his own man, but he is also Jennie's legacy. All our love to Jennie's wonderful family. Knut, Susan and Aidan Hoff

Donated by Knut, Susan and Aidan Hoff

26th May 2014

In memory of a very special girl

Donated by John R WARK

26th May 2014

In memory of you Jennie. You've made life more cherished for those who knew you and lost you. The most special gift you left behind is Thomas, a very special young man. Your trees are full of life and a lovely, giving way to remember you,

Donated by Trina and Mike Marshall

26th May 2014

I so very well recall playing JENNY KISSED ME on Radio Clyde sung of course by Peter and asking about why this poem/song was on his album ! And he explained. We are very moved .

Donated by Iain anderson

26th May 2014

From the Heyes family who will all be remembering Jennie's 40th birthday on the 5th Sept

Donated by J G Heyes

In memory of Jennie. Love from Jane, Paul, Rebecca and Nicholas Hammett

Donated by Jane Hammett

23rd May 2014

With love and happy memories of a talented and beautiful girl Michael and Carol

Donated by Michael and Carol Plowman

Donated by James Nairn

19th May 2014

Lovely Jennifer your beautiful smile has never faded

Donated by isabelle & Bill Wilson

19th May 2014

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Jennie's birth. She made the world a richer place forever. From cousins Janet and Mike Wright, Justin and Daniel.

Donated by Janet Wright

19th May 2014

Jen -- you are missed….with love from your Connecticut cousins.

Donated by Sally Mabry

19th May 2014

Hope Thomas will follow in your footsteps.

Donated by Ken & Christine Murchies

19th May 2014

Donated by David McGregor

19th May 2014

In loving memory of Jennie from Ida and Peter Laurie.

Donated by Peter Laurie

16th May 2014

For Jennie with Love - Irene

Donated by Irene Diven

15th May 2014

We never had the pleasure of meeting you Jennie, but we were able to appreciate all that you did, through your caring parents, Peter & Helen. Esma & Robbie Shepherd

Donated by Robbie Shepherd

Donated by Keith and Joyce

Donated by Catriona Fox

Remembered fondly as a great source of pride to your Mum and Dad.

Donated by Jim and Pauline McGuckien

12th May 2014

Remembering Jennie - to plant a tree is to know the eternal treasure that is life.

Donated by Eileen & Brian Parr/Gibson

12th May 2014

For Jennifer and her very special family... Jennifer Mallan Brown, cruelly taken away so young, her son Thomas, and husband Lindsay. But also for Helen and Peter Mallan, her mother and father, part of that family, and truly special in every way. Alex and Anna Dickson

Donated by Alex and Anna Dickson

30th April 2014

Donated by Janet Crean

For memories of Jennifer

Donated by Trisha Millar

Donated by Ailie Winning

23rd April 2014

For Jennie who was an inspiration to all of us who loved her and miss her sorely.

Donated by MOIRA McLEAN

17th April 2014

In Loving Memory of Jennifer Mallan Brown and her Grandparents Mary and Joseph Dale

Donated by Ian and Graham Warwick

In loving memory of Jennie, from Garry and Judy

Donated by Garry Lee

14th April 2014


4th April 2014

Dear Jennie, I will always love you.

Donated by John Joseph Mallan

31st March 2014

In memory of Jennie with our love.

Donated by Caroline Scott

27th March 2014

Donated by Mrs Margaret Cumming

I remember hiking with Jennie, her brother John and her mother Helen along the West Highland Way in 1988. It is a cherished memory. Miss you Jennie...

Donated by John-Joseph van Haelewyn

31st December 2013

Donated by Donald and Margaret MacMillan

24th June 2011

We never had the pleasure to meet you, but we knew of you through your father. God Bless your Family.

Donated by Elizabeth Cunningham

11th April 2011

Jennie, May your spirit live on. Cheers, JJ, John, Chester and Max

Donated by John-Joseph van Haelewyn

7th April 2011

From Thomas

Donated by Lindsay Brown

21st February 2011

In loving and lasting memory of my only niece, dearest Jennie. How proud you made me every time you called me Uncle. With fondest remembrances of a beautiful spirit. Kyle McCallum

Donated by Mr Kyle McCallum

11th January 2011

Thomas looks just like you...Love The Fooks Family

Donated by Simon J Fooks,

24th July 2010

9th April 2007

In Memory of the remarkable Jennie; to know her was to love, admire and respect her. She will live forever in so many hearts.

Donated by Moira, Donnie and Auntie Jessie

24th July 2010

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