A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
18th Birthday
Michael Taylor Stoakes
28th May 2010

Michael Taylor Stoakes grove

We wanted to mark Michael's birthday in a special way
and it seems ideal to plant trees in the Highlands
- he liked trees and he loved the Highlands.
We pass these woods on the way to Oldshoremore,
the place in the Highlands he loved the most.

The significance of Michael,
his life and his music will never fade,
he'll always be a part of us.

With all our love - Dad, Mum and Lyall xxx

Moment musical in Assynt

A mountain is a sort of music: theme

And counter theme displaced in air amongst

Their own variations.

Wagnerian Devil signed the Coigach score;

And God was Mozart when he wrote Cul Mor.

You climb a trio when you climb Cul Beag.

Stac Polly - there's a rondo in seven sharps,

Neat as a trivet.

And Quinag, rallentando in the haze,

Is one long tune extending phrase by phrase.

I listen with my eyes and see through that

Mellifluous din of shapes my masterpiece

Of masterpieces:

One sandstone chord that holds up time in space -

Sforzando Suilven reared on his ground bass.

Norman MacCaig.

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Donated by Janis Dickson

20th January 2017

For Michael, Christmas 2016 love from Janis and Ian

Donated by Janis Dickson

22nd December 2016

With all our love at Christmas and always, Mum and Dad xx

Donated by Joyce Stoakes

20th December 2016

With love on your birthday Michael, love from Mum & Dad xx

Donated by Joyce Stoakes

30th May 2016

For your birthday Michael, from Janis and Ian.

Donated by Janis Dickson

27th May 2016

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened..... Always in our thoughts xx

Donated by Kathryn, Jo, Clara and Solly and in Tricia's memory.

11th March 2016

Donated by Janis Dickson

3rd February 2016

Donated by Janis Dickson

21st January 2016

Christmas 2015 x

Donated by Janis Dickson

23rd December 2015

For you Michael, all our love as always, mum & dad xx

Donated by Joyce Stoakes

23rd December 2015

Donated by Janis Dickson

28th May 2015

All our love on your birthday Michael, from mum and dad. xx

Donated by Joyce Stoakes

28th May 2015

For you Michael, always. Love from mum & dad xx

Donated by Joyce Stoakes

13th March 2015

Your laughter, brilliant humour and infectious smile will stay with us always.

Donated by The Ferri Family

11th March 2015

Donated by Janis Dickson

3rd February 2015

Donated by Janis Dickson

26th January 2015

For you at Christmas Michael. Thinking you each and every day. xx

Donated by Mum and Dad

29th December 2014

Christmas 2014

Donated by Janis Dickson

25th December 2014

Lighting a candle for you Michael. Christmas 2014

Donated by Patricia McLaughlin

24th December 2014

Remembering you on your birthday, Michael. Much love from Tricia, Kathryn and Clara.

Donated by Patricia McLaughlin

29th May 2014

For your birthday Michael, all our love , Mum, Dad & Lyall xxx

Donated by Joyce Stoakes

28th May 2014

For Michael from Ian and Janis, May 2014

Donated by Janis Dickson

28th May 2014

Still in our thoughts and in our hearts. Tricia, Kathryn & Clara.

10th March 2014

Thinking of you always Michael, love from Mum, Dad & Lyall xx

Donated by Joyce Stoakes

7th March 2014

20th January 2014

Donated by Janis Dickson

20th December 2013

For you Michael, at Christmas. All our love, Mum, Dad and Lyall xxx

Donated by Joyce Stoakes

20th December 2013

Lighting a candle for you this Christmas, Michael. Love, Light and Peace. Tricia, Kathryn and Clara.

Donated by Patricia McLaughlin

18th December 2013

Michael you are always in our thoughts. We miss your exceptional talent and your ability to always make us laugh. Love from all at Bearsden Academy Music Department.

Donated by Bearsden Academy Music Department

3rd September 2013

Thinking of Michael, and a tree for Lyall to keep him company. Love from Mary, Angus and Kirsty.

Donated by Mary McArthur

8th July 2013

Remembering Michael for his 21st. Annie was just telling me today how you could do push ups with her sitting on your back. Serious respect Michael!! Warm thoughts and smiles, The Thomsons x

Donated by Fiona Thomson

10th June 2013

With love on your 21st birthday Michael, from Martin, Paula, Maria, Katie Jo and Andrew xxxxx

Donated by Paula Taheny

28th May 2013

For Michael's 21st. Love from Ian, Janis, Emma and Lewis.

27th May 2013

For Michael's 21st - an acre sponsored with Trees for Life so there will always be a wilderness - for all the adventures there should have been - and donations to West and East and the Academy - for all the music there should have been. All our love as always Michael, missing you every birthday, every holiday, every single day. Mum, Dad & Lyall xxx

Donated by Joyce Stoakes

27th May 2013

Thinking of you, Michael, especially at this time - May 2013. Love, light and peace. Tricia, Kathryn and Clara

23rd May 2013

Remembering my little cousin on his 21st birthday. All my love, Elaine

Donated by elaine smith

15th May 2013

To mark Michael's 21st birthday. Love to Joyce, Rob and Lyall. Auntie Joan and Uncle Robin.

Donated by joan snith

15th May 2013

To remember Michael in March 2013. Barbara & Victor Martin

Donated by Barbara Taylor Martin

18th March 2013

Remembering Michael. March 2013. T. K. and C.

6th March 2013

4th February 2013

For Michael. 159 trees now, the number we all cherish. With all our love forever, Mum, Dad and Lyall xxx

Donated by Joyce Stoakes

20th December 2012

You are in our thoughts this Christmas, Michael. Love, Light and Peace. Tricia, Kathryn & Clara. December 2012.

11th December 2012

Remembering you, especially on your birthday, Michael. Love from Tricia, Kathryn & Clara. 28th May 2012.

25th May 2012

For Michael with love, from Dad, Mum & Lyall xxx I think of you in gold coins. My thoughts of you, each one, is a gold coin - I am their miser but they belong to you. Norman MacCaig.

Donated by Joyce Stoakes

22nd May 2012

30th January 2012

For Michael with all our love, Dad, Mum & Lyall xxx. Christmas 2011.

10th January 2012

A tree is for life, not just for Christmas. The beautiful Caledonian Forest is full of life. Thinking of you this Christmas, Michael, and always. Love & Light. Tricia, Kathryn & Clara.

Donated by Patricia McLaughlin

10th January 2012

Michael, always with us, always loved. Dad, Mum & Lyall xxx

30th May 2011

Happy Birthday, Michael. With love from Tricia, Kathryn and Clara

Donated by Patricia McLaughlin

30th May 2011

Thinking of you with love Michael. The Thomsons - Fiona, Dave, Shauna & Annie

Donated by Fiona S Thomson

14th March 2011

Michael - you live on in our hearts and in our thoughts. Love and light - Tricia, Kathryn and Clara Planting trees early in spring, we make a place for birds to sing in time to come. How do we know? They are singing here now. There is no other guarantee that singing will ever be. by Wendell Berry

Donated by Patricia McLaughlin

10th March 2011

Donated by Janis Dickson

3rd February 2011

For Michael, With love from Ian, Janis, Emma and Lewis

Donated by Janis Dickson

19th January 2011

To Michael Always in our thoughts, especially this Christmas. With love from Tricia, Kathryn and baby Clara

Donated by Patricia McLaughlin

23rd December 2010

To Michael, At Christmas time , when the trees are looking so beautiful, we send our love. You will always be in our hearts with happy memories, Stuart, Caroline, Eddie and Rachael Breen xx

Donated by Mrs Caroline Breen

23rd December 2010

For Michael at Christmas. Love always from Dad, Mum and Lyall xxx Michael - words and music by Andrew James Taheny Didn't know you all that well, but I'd still like to say I'll miss you so much, every day Your sense of humour, your happy face, But especially, your mad skills on the bass. Your were my sister's friend but you were also mine, And I'm just so glad you came into my life. To everyone you met, you brought happiness and joy You were my hero, not just a boy. And I'll try to make my way through this horrible pain Move away from this cloud, pouring down of rain. It'll be one of the hardest things I'll ever have to do But the hardest part will just be missing you. You were my sister's friend but you were also mine And I'm just so glad you came into my life To everyone you met, you brought happiness and joy You were my hero, not just a boy. 4 Strings - by Ewan McAleer What do four strings mean to me? A lot of things too be honest. My first love, My feelings that cannot be expressed by words, But most of all, A True Friend. When someone inspires you, It can mean many things, But this person showed me too one of my most loved things in life and helped me start a new chapter. Four strings he struck with pure talent, Showing me what music meant. The power to move and amaze people, Without a single word said. Every time those four strings were played I felt an experience of motionless. The total blast of musical beauty that was so incredible Yet so underrated. I just couldn't let the notion pass. Enjoyment Amazement Direction Goodness The four strings true meaning to me? A lot of things too be honest. But now the feeling has left me, I won't hear them again. So all that is left for me too do, Is to play my four strings Like Michael would have wanted. What do four strings mean too me? A lot of things to be honest. _____________________

Donated by Dad, Mum and Lyall

14th December 2010

We want to thank Linda and the music department at Bearsden Academy, staff and pupils, for the tribute concert for Michael. Also to thank the Tang family for donating the music award to the EDC orchestra, the WSSSO for presenting two music awards and Norrie and Allander Squash for the memorial tournament and trophy - all these dedicated to Michael. We have no adequate words to describe what these memories and dedications mean to us so we hope that planting trees at Corrimony, beside those already planted for Michael, will act as our thanks. Rob, Joyce and Lyall xxx

Donated by Joyce Stoakes

9th December 2010

Trees for Michael from the staff of the Inverclyde Council lower IT office.

Donated by Inverclyde Council lower IT office staff

7th September 2010

For Michael and his family, with warmest wishes, from Lorraine & Ali xxx

Donated by Miss Lorraine Scotson

21st July 2010

All my love, Milli and Robin Scotson xx

Donated by Emily Scotson

21st July 2010

Just as these trees will always have a special place in this world, our memories of Michael will always have a special place in our hearts. With much love from Paul, Carolyn, Moira and Paul.xx

Donated by Moira Ferri

6th July 2010

Always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. Happy Birthday. Love Julienne and Innes xx

Donated by Julienne Scotson

3rd July 2010

Michael, this will be a beautiful place where those who love you can remember the laughter. Love Audrey, Cameron, Grant and Neil xx

Donated by Audrey Mitchell

28th June 2010

In loving memory of Michael and sending Joyce, Rob and Lyall our love and support. Chris Reedie, Rhona Reedie, Desmond, Robben and Ross Beatty.

Donated by Rhona Reedie

22nd June 2010

What a beautiful thing for you to do, and a beautiful way for everyone to feel in touch with Michael, I look forward to taking Ellie up there. Thinking of you all. Love from Vivien and Ellie Scotson xx

Donated by Vivien Scotson

16th June 2010

We have each planted a tree in memory of Michael, a much-loved grandson, cousin and nephew. You will be missed so very much. Our love always from Nana Stoakes, Emma, Melissa, Jennifer, Rachel, Mark & Jayne

Donated by Terence m stoakes

15th June 2010

In remembrance of Michael from Ann & Martin

Donated by Ann Irving

14th June 2010

For Michael, with love from Ian and Janis

Donated by Janis Dickson

11th June 2010

This will be a lovely place. From Grandad Scotson

Donated by Grandad Scotson

9th June 2010

Michaels very own Wooten Woods where music will always play. Love Robert and Isabel

Donated by Robert Scotson

9th June 2010

Michael, you were taken "awa sae hasty" but sponsoring a tree in your memory will provide solace and like Robbie Burns, your memory will never fade. Happy Birthday from Barbara, Victor, Lloyd & Blair.

Donated by Barbara Martin

3rd June 2010

from Jim and Nancy

Donated by J Reedie

31st May 2010

"Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit,
and never dies" Happy Birthday, Michael. Your music lives on. Love from Tricia & Kathryn

Donated by Patricia M McLaughlin

31st May 2010

Michael I will always miss you.
The Birthdays that we shared together are unforgettable memories
and will always be close to my heart. When I am ever in the Highlands I will be thinking about you. David x

Donated by David Raymond

30th May 2010

Happy Birthday Michael, always in our hearts and memories, all our love The Tahenys Missed Idolised Charming Happy Academic Enthusiastic Laidback Talented Admired Youthful Loved Outstanding Respected Strong Totally awesome Original Amazing Kind Exceptional Special Love and miss you xxxxx

Donated by Mr M J Taheny

28th May 2010

You will always be my hero. I love you forever. Annie

Donated by Miss Annie Scott Thomson

28th May 2010

Happy birthday Michael

Donated by Linda Bryce

28th May 2010

In memory for Michael and in respect of his Mum,Dad and Brother I am pleased to contribute to the trees project Gus Scotson

Donated by Angus T Scotson

28th May 2010

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate a life than to plant a tree. This one is for you Michael. You are always in our hearts, love Elaine, Cierra and Halle

27th May 2010

There is always music amongst the trees........but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it. Love Auntie Joan and Uncle Robin

Donated by Joan Smith

27th May 2010

Donated by Barbara Robertson

26th May 2010

Donated by J Stoakes

24th May 2010

Donated by Janis Dickson

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