A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
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Red Paint is a Glasgow-based web development company committed to achieving and maintaining a small carbon footprint. Red Paint runs a near paperless office, using only energy efficient products and recycles 80% of all waste; even lunchtime yogurt pots.

To further lower our environmental impact from the work carried out for clients, Red Paint have planted a grove of trees as part of Trees for life¹s work to restore the Caledonian Forest. The charity aims to restore the majestic Caledonian Forest that once stood in the heart of Scotland's countryside.

After each web project, a new tree will be dedicated to this grove to reduce the environmental impact of our work. This is a small step taken to raise awareness of environmental issues and ensure that we at Red Paint are doing our bit to help the environment.

Here are some reasons for you to contribute to our grove and plant a tree:

  • Planting trees gives something back to the planet and helps the land recover.
  • Trees prevent or reduce soil erosion and water pollution.
  • Trees add beauty and grace to any landscape. They make life more enjoyable, peaceful, relaxing, and offer a rich inheritance for future generations.
  • A native forest supports more wildlife than a non native forest.

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Donated by Red Paint

25th April 2017


Donated by Red Paint

25th March 2017


Donated by Red Paint

25th February 2017


Donated by Red Paint

25th January 2017


Donated by Red Paint

25th December 2016


Donated by Red Paint

25th November 2016


Donated by Red Paint

25th October 2016

40 Trees

Donated by Red Paint Multimedia

23rd August 2011

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Your grove of trees

The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
This grove in numbers
Trees in this grove:

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