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Planting trees is an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and improve the natural environment for the benefit for our climate, our wildlife and us all. The trees we plant for your company will be in carefully protected sites, on land intended for permanent reforestation.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are a major contributor to climate change. When fossil fuels are burned, carbon that has been locked away for millions of years is released into the air, causing the Earth's temperature to rise and significant climatic changes to take place. We are already seeing an increase in extreme weather events, and indicators of imminent large-scale climate change.

Since trees have a vital role in the balancing of CO2 and oxygen levels, widespread deforestation across the globe has also had a negative impact and released more CO2 into the atmosphere.

The most important solution to climate change is to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the use of fossil fuels. We can help you work out whether your carbon footprint is low, medium or high, as outlined below. Based on this, you can an annual donation to plant trees as part of your contribution to minimise your carbon footprint.

To increase the effectiveness of your initiative you can also take action to make positive changes in your lifestyle or business practices to reduce your carbon emissions. 

How to work out your carbon footprint 

This table is intended to give an approximate idea of what your relative emissions might be like. Not all businesses fit neatly into a category, but it will give an indication of how much you could consider donating:


Light energy user

Medium energy user

Heavy energy user

  • Employ fewer than ten people
  • Service industry
  • Transport few goods
  • No car pool
  • We suggest that you donate around £500. This will allow us to plant 100 trees.
  • Employ fewer than 100 people
  • Service industry
  • Transport some goods
  • Operate a car pool
  • We suggest that you donate around £2,000. This will allow us to plant 400 trees.
  • Employ more than 100 people
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Transport many goods
  • No car pool
  • We suggest that you donate around £10,000. This will allow us to plant 2,000 trees!


Plant trees to reduce my company's carbon footprint

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