Going paperless: Good for business, great for the forest

24th September 2018, by Alex MacLeod

With the march of technology like cloud storage, collaborative documents, and mobile communication, the once fabled dream of a truly paperless office is now firmly within our grasp. Long the stuff of corporate urban legend, going paperless is now not only the environmentally sound thing to do, but it could also save organisations a small fortune. 
Trees for Life has been helping large organisations make the switch from paper to pixels for years. We helped the Standard Life Assurance Company switch over half a million customers to a bespoke paperless solution, ‘Treemail’. The scheme was a hit with staff and clients alike, planting well over 167,000 trees in the wild Scottish Highlands. Crucially, by linking the company’s commercial goals with a sound environmental cause, Standard Life was able to gain much better uptake - inspiring stakeholders to take action for nature. 
More recently, Trees for Life is helping wealth managers Charles Stanley lead the charge for the forest as they encourage investors to switch to online reports through a new ‘My Charles Stanley’ portal. For every five investors who make the switch, Charles Stanley will plant a tree in the ancient Caledonian Forest - helping to restore a unique habitat of global significance. The Charles Stanley campaign is just getting started and you can track their progress over at their corporate grove
These are just a few examples of how our corporate partners are bolstering their green credentials, but making the switch can also have a big impact on a businesses’ bottom line. Here are a few ways your business can make the most of the paperless revolution:
1. Find the right solution
With systems such as the Cloud you can get to your files, data and information from anywhere. The Cloud is one of the biggest steps forward towards the paperless office, and as security issues are tightened and workers have more confidence in the system its benefits are starting to make a real impact on businesses such as international banking, accountancy and finance. Better mobile technology has revolutionised access to the Cloud, making it easier than ever to go paperless.
2. Create valuable partnerships
At the heart of any good campaign is a compelling, authentic ‘call-to-action’ that goes beyond the bottom line. Partnering with a conservation organisation like Trees for Life helps lend credibility to your message and inspires people to take the leap. 
3. Changing hearts and minds
People’s habits never change overnight. Plan a campaign for the long haul, and expect results to come in gradually. By planning a campaign calendar with multiple touch points, you have a much higher chance of converting your customers. 


Are you planning a Go Paperless Campaign? Contact Alex MacLeod at alex@treesforlife.org.uk or call 01309 691 292



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