Getting Dirty With Trees For Life

small IMG_5558 6:30 am. The world is white and the air is full of water. It’s that crisp morning chill when you’d rather nurse a cup of hot tea inside, or, better even, snuggle under a thick blanket. But… Cuck-oo.  … read more

  • 6th Nov 2017, by Kira Tverskaya

Connecting with nature

IMG_0091 The world of conservation can sometimes be quite focused on the accumulation of knowledge and facts – which is great! The natural world is endlessly fascinating, but could it be that focusing exclusively on this very intellectual kind of connection to things becomes an obstacle to a deeper, more emotional connection? … read more

  • 18th Oct 2017, by Tom Morgan

A Week on the Trees for Life Nursery

dundreggan tree nursery Birch, alder, aspen, black thorn, rowen, downy birch, downy willow, wooly willow, Scots pine, bird cherry, tea-leaved willow, juniper, oak, hazel… These are just a few of the different species of local flora that I was introduced to during my time at Trees for Life. … read more

  • 2nd Jun 2017, by Mireille C. Crocco

Companionship, adventure and hope: A week of tree planting in Glen Affric

P1050357 Heather Beaton, Conservation Week leader for Trees for Life, shares her most recent experience with a group of volunteers in Glen Affric: a week of solitude, companionship, adventure and hope. … read more

  • 16th Sep 2016, by Heather Beaton

Rewild and recover - A case study in eco-therapy

WP_20160523_15_29_25_Pro In June 2015 Alasdair Taylor arrived at Dundreggan as a Long-Term Volunteer, eager to immerse himself in the Ancient Caledonian Forest and to fulfil a long-held ambition to contribute to Trees for Life's mission. He details his journey of then going on to facilitate a Trees for Life Conservation Week focused on ecotherapy in May this year. … read more

  • 28th Jul 2016, by Alasdair Taylor

Glenfeshie reborn - Rewilding a sporting estate

NS-PC-12211473 copy Can regeneration of existing woodland be achieved just by reducing deer numbers? Surprisingly, a few decades ago, the answer to that question – that indeed it is possible - was not universally accepted. Roy Turnbull, long-time volunteer and supporter of Trees for Life visits Glenfeshie Estate to witness the transformation. … read more

  • 27th Jul 2016, by Roy Turnbull, Main photo © Peter Cairns/

Helping Nature make her own Forests

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.54.46 Matt Dalby, Trees for Life volunteer and Conservation Week Leader, on planting 5,700 in the Scottish Highlands... … read more

  • 19th Jul 2016, by Matt Dalby

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