Carbon offsetting in the wild Scottish Highlands

For many people across the UK, and the world, the past few weeks have served as a dramatic call-to-action for the planet.

In London, the protesters’ call for urgent climate action has gained the attention of the nation, bringing our current climate emergency into sharper focus. Across the continent, Greta Thunberg has toured Europe’s capitals by train, bringing her compelling message straight to world leaders. And across the world, on laptops, phones and smart TVs, David Attenborough has broadcast his passionate plea for humanity to change course.

These past weeks of protest have been compounded by the release of a series of recommendations from the UK’s Committee on Climate Change.

Among the report’s recommendations, are steps we can take in our everyday life to avoid harming the planet. Avoid large cars, and switch to electric. Avoid eating meat every day, and try alternative foods. Avoid flying, and try taking the train.

But what about the unavoidable? The unavoidable flight to visit family overseas, or the unavoidable car journey?

The report points to a bold solution – offset your carbon impact with trees.


Carbon offsetting for families and individuals

Carbon offsetting doesn’t need to be a complicated process, you may want to do your bit to contribute to zero emissions by 2050 and we can help.

The CCC report recommends a massive, collective effort to plant trees in the UK. The amount of carbon a tree sequesters varies largely depending on the tree, however we say that a good rule of thumb for our planting is four trees for every tonne of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent, the standard unit for measuring your carbon footprint) you are looking to mitigate.

Our tree groves are the best way to plant trees to offset your personal carbon. Find out more here.

How can I calculate my carbon?

There are lots of great carbon calculators out there. We recommend searching online for a simple calculator, and then committing to use that site for future calculations.

Once you’re ready to offset, our friendly team are on hand to help you make a difference for the planet.


Carbon offsetting for businesses

The business community will play a pivotal role in helping the UK eliminate its carbon impact by 2050.

For some businesses, this will be a daunting task – this is where Trees for Life can help.

Organisations with large carbon impacts can now offset with Trees for Life as part of a tree planting programme which has been specifically accredited for carbon offsetting by the ‘Woodland Carbon Code’. This code is the UK’s gold standard for carbon offsets. It provides a stringent framework for carbon schemes to ensure accuracy and accountability, providing businesses with carbon credits that can be used for official reporting, auditing, and other schemes like ISO certification.

Trees for Life is pleased to announce that we are making over 50,000 tonnes of CO2e available to businesses who need to offset in this way.

Your businesses’ offset will not only sequester carbon in an official way, it will also make a lasting impact on a wild forest of global significance. All proceeds from carbon sales through Trees for Life are ploughed directly back into our charitable work, funding conservation across the Highlands.

If you’re a business looking to mitigate your carbon impact, read a little more here.