Unicorn Groceries

Unicorn Groceries, based in Manchester, is one of the largest and most successful wholefood outlets in the U.K and the focus is always on local, organic, fairly traded and wholesome goods. The company prides itself on the high ethical values it has at its core. The shop is full of information about where products come from and related issues, so customers may make an informed choice in their purchasing.

Unicorn is a worker co-operative owned and run by its workforce, currently around 50 members within the 10,000 sq.ft. premises. This flat-rate pay organisation makes decisions consensus. From a turnover of £3,500 to £3.5 million, from 4 members to 50, Unicorn donates a steady 5% of wage costs to local and international projects relating to its Principles of Purpose.

Nominated by hundreds of customers, its achievements have been recognised by its place in the finals of the BBC Radio 4 Food Awards 2004, where Senior Producer Margaret Collins thanked us for 'being a food retailing inspiration'.

Unicorn Grocery has been supporters of Trees for Life since 1999, with an annual donation in relation to the transport used to get the produce it sells to its door.


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