An Appreciation of Rain

For many people, rain is automatically classed as 'bad weather', but the Caledonian Forest in the Glen Affric area thrives on the abundant precipitation it receives. Rain is the life bringer, both in a literal sense, and in terms of adding vibrancy and beauty to the simplest things in nature.


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Raindrops on the needles of a Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) in Glen Affric.
Raindrops on the spore capsules of capillary thread-moss (Bryum capillare) in Glen Affric. 
Raindrops on a fallen oak leaf (Quercus petraea), near Badger Falls in Glen Affric.
Raindrops on the web of an orb web spider (Araneus sp.) in Glen Affric.
Raindrops on a fallen aspen leaf (Populus tremula) in Glen Strathfarrar National Nature Reserve.

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