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Scottish Student Sport is a collective of incredible humans, committed to improving the student experience through sport and physical activity. We are so proud of the ambitious, forward-thinking and energetic individuals that make up our network and their collective passion and desire to get more students, more active, more often. Sustainability is one of our values and we look after our resources and our environment with care. Our deep-rooted affection for our beloved Scotland and its natural environment takes centre stage in our decision-making process. From using reusable water bottles and coffee cups, to encouraging active travel, to a move towards paper-free sporting events- we believe that small changes make a big difference. We first planted our grove in June 2021 – as part of our annual SSS Conference. For every attendee that signed up, we planted a tree! We plan to continue planting trees for each milestone we reach as a SSS Tribe, whether that be each time a new staff member joins our team, to welcome them aboard, or for Conference attendees in years to come. Welcome to the SSS grove- we are delighted to have you with us.
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30 trees
To recognise the incredible achievements of the students and staff in our network, we are planting a tree for every winner of our 2021 SSS Awards. A massive well done to you all, so thoroughly deserved.
Donated by SSS 2021 Awards Winners
100 trees
As part of our 2021 Conference, we are planting a tree for every attendee (82) and every speaker (18) who took part.
Donated by SSS 2021 Conference Attendees & Speakers
11 trees