FSC-accredited timber flooring

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Celebrating Forest Friendly Flooring and FSC-accreditation as the way forward
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Greenwood Floors celebrates FSC-accreditation as the only way forward in forestry.

Out of respect for nature and for a brighter future

Illegal logging is a major problem at a time when our fragile planet can ill-afford further deforestation. Lifestyle choices, particularly in the industrialised world, contribute to the problem. Greenwood believes it's high time to stop unsustainable deforestation and illegal felling practices. We embrace the FSC accreditation system which promotes an environmentally-conscious way of sourcing timber that can be sustained by nature in the long run. So that consumers can enjoy the beauty of a timber floor (or other wood-based products with the FSC logo), knowing that it has not harmed the environment, but has instead done a lot of good:

* by locking away carbon and acting as a natural carbon sink

* by being a product that has a long life span and is completely recyclable

* by empowering local people, enabling them to earn a living and protecting their native habitat

* and by planting more trees to help absorb harmful CO2.

We are a brand-new business hoping to convert consumers to opt for the ethical choice and pledge to add a new tree to our grove for every new customer In spite of uncertain economic times we hope to one day visit our own mini forest.

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