Scott and Em's Arborescence Grove

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For all the myriad forms of nature and ancient spirit of the land,

we strive to strike the balance and to walk lightly on this earth.

In Memory of Margaret Paton , 'Always Forever Young'

Trees in this grove have also been planted for our friends: Mum and Dad Rawling, Fuji and Umi, Dad, Puppa and Netty P, Sarah and Ols, Kev and Linda, Alan and Marie, Stevie and Tash, Andy and Sarah, Martin and Lisa, Brian, Kate, Chandra, Colleen, Diane, Sarah O, Alasdair , John R, Rab, Zander.

Seeded Solstice 2008 and still growing...

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For the wild things of Scotland.
Donated by Scott Paton