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Mollie Whiteoak

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Born Mollie Irene Budgen in Brighton, Sussex in 1923, married Ernest Whiteoak in 1947

Ernest (Ernie) Whiteoak: born 1921, died 1990

Mollie has been many things in her 85 years. She has been a loving and loved daughter and sister; a devoted, adored wife and mother; and now a much-loved granny, great-granny and great-aunt.

Most of all she has been a friend to everyone she meets, always willing and ready to go the extra mile to help, always there with her warm smile and cheerful laugh when they are most needed.

Mollie and Ernie Whiteoak were happily married for over forty years, and if these trees can grow as straight and true they will become a fitting tribute to them for generations to come.

Happy Birthday, Mum, and many more years of happiness and good health!

This wish comes to you firstly from Irene and Jon, with all our love, and your gift will be added to on each anniversary as long as we are able.

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Happy Birthday once again, from Irene and Jon.
Donated by Jon Redpath
Eighty-eight years young! And still smiling, still doing your bit to help others. Happy, happy Birthday, Mum. Thank you for being You.
Love from Irene and Jon
Donated by Jon Redpath
Two years since your grove was born. So here are two more trees, along with lots of love and very best wishes for a wonderful 87th birthday.
Donated by Jon D Redpath