Harry Merrick O.C.B.

Harry Merrick O.C.B.

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For Grandad (OCB) whose reaction to this dedication would be "what the b*s*arding use is a bunch of trees to me, especially as I am dead". His familiar crabbit nature will be missed my many and especially by Martin.

Despite his complaining he showed in his own way how much he cared for Caroline, Harry, Isobel, Catherine and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

He died at home at the ripe age of 92 with a loved one by his side.

I'd like this grove to be in memory of him and also Gran (Susan Merrick) and my Mum (and OCB's eldest child) Mary.

If there is 'another side' and the three of them have met I do hope that Gran and Mum can put up with OCB for eternity!


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From England to Scotland, with fond memories. David & MariaCaroline & DavidAlan Thomas: To grandad, greatly loved and greatly missed…apart from that one story that you must have told me at least 217 times!! XxBecause everyone deserves a tree and a tree is the beginning of a forest. I didn't know Harry but I know his grand daughter, Jules so this is for Harry's Grove out of my deep respect for Jules.