Celebrating the birth of

Lily Erin Thompson

16th October 2006
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Proud parents Elizabeth and Alex Thompson.

'Of the earth a precious thing, it makes your heart just want to sing.'

To Liz and Alex, a baby then - and trees a plenty - in the Glen.

God bless and keep you all. Love from Nan and Grandad Butler.

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FIRST CHILD – Families bond us and unite our love, Instinctively we learn to care, Relishing the miracle of our gift from above, Something only mums and dads can share, Touching one’s soul and caressing one’s heart, Completing love and making happiness rife, Honouring our own parents – who’ve shown us our part, In the upbringing of this precious new life, Love now becomes unconditional, and remains for evermore, Dedication, Commitment, and a new love of life …IS YOURS NOW TO EXPLORE ! All our love George,Sue,George,Joe,Josh & Olivia xx
Donated by Nan and Grandad Butler, the Stammers family, and David Butler.