Happy 40th Birthday to

Frances Newton

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Please plant a tree for me

If you will plant a tree for me

Then I will live eternally

Sow a seed, give it your best

Mother Nature will do the rest

As years pass by and I grow old

My tree grows beautiful to behold

Tall and strong and ever green

Is how I'd like us to be seen

Even after I am gone

My tree will carry on and on

What better present can there be

Than friends who'll plant a tree for me?

Frances Newton

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They say ‘life begins at 40’ and by planting a tree on your birthday and in your honour that saying could not be more true.

To celebrate the life of aomeone who has been a wonderful friend and who loves the Earth and all that grows on it.

Fran, Congratulations on reaching 21 and a bit and becoming a poet. Looking forward to a herd picnic in your own personal bit of forest. Sue and Rob

Donated by Mrs A Muckell, Phil Wells, and Mrs Susan RH McCormick.