Celebrating the birth of

Kaya Marie and Ella Mai

Date of Birth: 2nd March 2006 brChristening Date: 19 November 2006
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This grove has been set up to celebrate your Christening. We wanted to give you something that would last a lifetime and grow strong with you. We hope you both come to think of this grove in the years to come, as your little piece of heaven, a place to treasure, a place of wonder and a place to visit.

"The creatures that inhabit this earth - be they human beings or animals - are here to contribute, each in their own way, to the beauty and prosperity of the world." His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Your contribution to this world will be greatly received and we thank you for your presence.

With best wishes to you both on your Christening day.........Sam and Sean

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Donated by Sam and Sean.