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Yes, we know what they say about musicians saving the forests but we make no apology at all for our own particular "Sting" factor!

The band has been delighted to sign up and lend its support to a very ambitious and worthwhile conservation cause in the Scottish Highlands.

In 2010, Calum planted a tree on Dundreggan Estate and, as part of our continued support for Trees for Life, we now need your help to plant many more and create a Runrig Grove.

For every 5 donated to our grove, Trees for Life will plant another tree as part of their work to restore the Caledonian Forest.

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" Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. ” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt Just as true today... ...Just as true about Runrig. Here's my tree x
Donated by Julie Stanton
Runrig and trees - a winning combination! Thank you for sharing your music with us all of these years. May this grove flourish for many more years to come.
Donated by Louise Flowerdew
We need our trees...breath of life.
Donated by Terri and Brian Sawford
Two of my favourites together. Runrig and Trees For Life.
Donated by Kevin Dalziel
This is a terrific idea. The importance of trees continues to be highlighted in the current news with all the stories of terrible flooding in overdeveloped areas.
Donated by Kathleen Eves
Donated by Ian Burnett
Donated by Lesley Kendall
Merry Christmas David - miss you forever. Xx
Donated by Lesley Kendall
Planted in memory of my husband David Kendall (1956 -2014) who loved Scotland and listening to Runrig's wonderful music.
Donated by Lesley Kendall
Donated by Margaret Howden
Donated by Gabriele Ruys
2 Trees from 2 german fans. Thank you Runrig for this deeply rooted, heart-going music!
Donated by Michaela Henning
In memory of all the Adams, Handley and Honeyford family members and in celebration of all associated with Runrig and all Runrig Fans, past, present and future.
Donated by Neil Adams
Thank you - Runrig - for bringing so much joy into our lives. Your music goes straight to the heart. You are great people. Can't wait to hear more from you.
Donated by Ruth and Eric
Hi two trees planted in memory of two Runrig fans, one to my sister Sarah Strutt who died Sept. 2003 and the other to my wonderful wonderful Mom Muriel Struttdied recently 1st June 2011. Loved you both, think about you all the time esp. when listening to Runrig. Love, Jennie Strutt
Donated by Jennifer Strutt
Thank you, Scotland, the country of my birth, for giving us Runrig!Thank you, Runrig, for giving so much pleasure over the years.
Donated by Irene Law
Two trees have been planted, one for Gudrun and one for Harald, both Runrig fans from Germany, to restore the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland."
Donated by Harald Haag
For Runrig. Thank you for Edinburgh July 26th 2008.The best birthday present ever!
Donated by Janet Shepherdson
Donated by Annette Glzner
To the wonderous beauty of the Scottish landscape and to the wonderful music of Runrig and Bruce Guthro- thank you for joy it constantly brings.
Donated by Shaaron Hutton
Mar chomharra air neart a' ghaoil - gu sònraichte do mo bhean-chèile, Seòidín, agus gu Runrig. "Craobh nan Ubhal".....
Donated by Niall Grdan