The Grove of Friends

The Taylor Family wish their friendsbr /a very Happy Christmas 2012

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"A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow."
- William Shakespeare

Sally, Neal, Louise and Matthew
wish all our friends a very merry christmas 2012.

As a gift to you all we have sponsered this grove of trees
and dedicate it "The Grove of friends"

With Love To You All xxxx

Carl, Geraldine, Freyr and Jack, Steve, Kath, Loui and Rowan, Peter and Jack, Michelle, Max and Jake, Janet and Errol, Stuart and Teresa, Chris and Janet, Johnny and Miriam, Matt and Hannah, Paul and Alis, Sue and Brian, Sarah and Al, Neil and Angie, Will and Suzie, Audrey and Nick, Marius and Roger, Sue and Nev, Mark and Barb, Michael and Juliette, Mark and Corrine, Simon and Cherry, Caroline and Sian, Johnny, Phil, Janice, Becky, Jon, Sheila, Martyn P, Chris T, Matt Shaw, Martin G, DJ Darren, Rob Bob, Toby, Andy, James, Lisa, Steve Brooks (dec'd), Ashley (dec'd)

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From Teresa and Stu
For our dear beautiful friend Sally who we love & miss very much.
Donated by Teresa & Stu
Donated by Rebecca Allen
Donated by Freyr
For Sally
Donated by Sheila
from Sian and Caroline
Donated by Caroline Richards
A tree each from Janet, Chris, Judith, Hannah, Mikey and George
Donated by Janet Miller