Jenny's Grove

In celebration of Jenny's 50th birthday with thoughts for the future.

20th of March
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Dear Mum,

You truly are one of a kind! The love and support you have given me in 23 years has been immense. It is thanks to you that our wee family has an unbreakable bond that I am sure will stay strong for generations to come. I hope these trees grow tall and strong as to represent your loving nature and your love for our home, the Highlands. Here's to the next 50 years! Happy half century Mum! Lots of love. Ben x

Dear Mum,

happy special birthday! I know that this is a charity that means a lot to you so I hope your grove will keep growing (in numbers) over the next few years

Lots of love,

your Leila xxxx

Happy big birthday! Good fortune, health and prosperity to you and the trees too! Love Terry and Ru xxx

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Happy Birthday Jenny, good idea of Natasha’s – the perfect present for our time. Enjoy! With love, Jean
Donated by Jean Urquhart
Happy birthday Jenny, I hope you had a wonderful time with the family, sorry I couldn’t be there but hopefully see you soon.Love Isaac x
Donated by Isaac Connell
Hi Mum, instead of Mothers’ day flowers…love Tasha xxx
To a wonderful friend, happy 50th birthday, lots of love from Eva, Sigi and Elena.
Donated by Eva Faber
Donated by Natasha McBain