Celebrating 40 Years on Planet Earth and So Much More

Helen Wilson Family and Friends

27th July 2014
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With love X
Donated by Anne Tuhoy family and friends
Helen, will you please plant a tree for my mum? She passed away in April this year (2014) after suffering for many years from emphysema, and I think she would like it. We are not sad about her passing, as she is now at peace in a beautiful woodland on the Gower, so I know that another tree in the world would make her very happy. Alright Mum? We love you and think of you every day, Alison, Marian, Dad, Ed, Dave, Zak and Leyla xxxx
Donated by Marian White
To my beautiful friend Helen, please add my message of love to your grove of trees in Scotland's Caledonian Forest to celebrate your "40 years on planet Earth and so much more". May we all continue to grow tall and strong in the warmth of your friendship. Big love xx Allison "G Star" Godridge
Donated by Allison Godridge
In honour of my beautiful dog Zion. Best friend and faithful companion. "His foundation is in the holy mountains. The Lord loveth the gates of Zion, more than all the dwellings of Jacob. Glorious things are spoken of thee, oh city of God, Selah." See you on the mountainside boy. Matty x
Donated by Matty
Happy belated 40th birthday Hells Bells!! You amazing creature - keep up to your mad antics and saving the planet. Lots of love from Ed and Maz xxxxxx
Donated by Marian White
To my wonderful friend Helen Melon Moonface. Wishing you love, happiness, health and success. Lots of love Rach, Dan, Max and Evie xxxx
Donated by rachel ollis
A gift to a very special person; my crazy Auntie Helen on her 40th birthday. Crazy wonderful! And a thank you for all the support, advice and love throughout my life. I wish for you to have a long life of happiness
Donated by Leah Wilson-Somers
Sister.Happy Birthday.Love you lotsBrother
Donated by Gareth Wilson
For life, love, health and friendship. You don't get the former without the latter. Love you Wilson!!!
Donated by Lou Burgess
Wishing these trees as new lives will come in to ours' and eventualy all can live in peace and love together. Peace, love and positive creation is what we all need including this event. Charlotte Bobp
Donated by Charlotte Papanikolaou
For Helen, my special daughter. You are more precious to me than words could say, I love you always. Mum
Donated by Helen Wilson
For our beautiful daughter on your 40th birthday. A lover of life, a lover of people. May all your days be happy ones and may all your wishes come true.Love Mum and Dad
Donated by Helen Wilson
To my daughter, Helen, who has strived to make the world a better place xxxPeter Wilson
Donated by Peter Wilson
A tree for my wonderful Dad, Bill Spring, who died a card carrying member of the Socialist party and the Campaign for real ale and who loved trees. And a tree for Helen- may yo be ever up for the adventure! With my love, Sandy x
Donated by sandy gannon
Happy birthday! Here's to another 40 and to saving the planet :-) Gabi x
Donated by Gabriella Turner
"For all that has been, thank you. For all that is to come, YES!"
Donated by Alex Templeton
Here's to Helen Wilson, making a difference in the world, leaving a kinder footprint, happy birthday. With love from Sally x
Donated by Sally Frost
To the Cox family and friendship x
Donated by dawn cox
May this tree be lucky enough to grow for many years like my dear friend Helen Wilson - dance towards the light :)
Donated by Dawn Beech
Donated by Helen Wilson