The Greatest Miracle Of All Is The Miracle Of Life

Mila Florence Sanderson-Marconnet

Born 7th June 2014 08.53
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Welcome Little Angel

Welcome little angel you are a gift beyond measure

A rare precious gem to love and to treasure

You will bring so much joy and do amazing things

Your light will shine bright and you will fly with your wings

Welcome little angel now its time to awake

And set sail on the wonderful path you will take

Nothing can stop all your dreams coming true

Just follow your heart and you'll know what to do

Welcome little angel to a wondrous land

Full of mountains, vast oceans and deserts of sand

Its a world full of people, animals and creatures

Of miracles and wonders and so many features

Welcome little angel to a place full of love

With trees and with rainbows and stars shining above

There are many to help guide you along on your way

You will never be alone here each and every day

Welcome little angel to a place we must learn

To grow there are lessons around every turn

Who knows where it will take you but one thing is sure

You will be kind and giving, your energy so pure

Welcome little angel to a land of surprise

Its amazing what can be seen with two little eyes

Believe in the truth and all that you see

It will help you to reach your true destiny

Welcome little angel a soul mate sent from above

What an incredible feeling this unconditional love

There is so much out there for you to do and to see

Make the most of your time here, happiness is key

Welcome little angel its so good to have you here

Don't let anything stop you there is nothing to fear

One last thing to remind you and then all is said and done

It is all about love and we are all one


Planting new life to celebrate new life

Welcome Mila to this beautiful world

"The greatest forests grow from the tiniest of seeds"

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To young Mila, delighted to finally meet you at your mummy and daddy's wedding the other week. You really are as cute as the photos suggested and we had a lovely time with everyone in Lancaster. Thx!
Donated by Mike Burnett and family
Hi Mila, welcome to beautiful Scotland! Go walking there one day with your Mummy and Daddy. Lots of love from us all in Malaysia. XXxxx
Donated by Alex, Suzanne, Elena, Lauren and Thomas
Dear Mila, We're adding some more trees in honour of your parents' English wedding, which we were lucky enough to attend. Lots of love, Chris Claire and Charlie xxx
Donated by Chris, Claire and Charlie Fletcher
Mila, your 100th tree to celebrate Mummy and Daddy's wedding. Congratulations Pete and Océane, it was a fantastic day. xxx
Donated by Martin, Daniella, Isla & Alexa
Dear Mila, Here are a few trees for your Scottish garden in celebration of your parents' marriage. We had a wonderful time at the English wedding and were delighted to meet you.Lots of love K, L & L
Donated by Kerrin, Laura and Luca
Donated by Nigel
To beautiful Mila. It was lovely to meet you this weekend. And congratulations Pete and Oceane. It was a wonderful wedding and hopefully see you soon. Simon Xx
Donated by Mark Mitchener
We are donating this gift of trees on the occasion of your Mum and Dad's marriage to help protect your world.
Donated by Richard and Michelle Sanderson
Donated by Dominic & Lisa
Happy 1st birthday Mila. One more tree for your Grove to celebrate your 1st birthday x
Donated by Dawn and Andy
Love from Grandma to a very special little girl. xxx
Donated by Gillian Sanderson
To my dearest Mila, I once read somewhere, "I am more at home among trees than I am among people.” I feel the same and one day want to walk this grove with you my darling.All my love, your Daddy xx
Donated by Peter Sanderson (Mila's dad)
Donated by Miss DT Blackburn