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Between us, the team here at the Prepaid Funeral Review have a large number of children and grandchildren, consequently we are keen to help the environment as much as possible. We want our great grandchildren to live in a viable world.

So we jumped at the chance to help replace some of the millions of trees which have been lost since the industrial revolution and before. Our donation of a tree for each funeral plan taken out through us will be a small help. But the more funeral plans we arrange for your family and friends, the more trees we can plant together. And anyone can add some extra trees if they want to or even start your own Grove.

In the UK, over a million people think they have prepaid funeral plan. Most actually have a life insurance policy which will make a fixed contribution to the funeral cost, leaving the family to pick up an increasingly large bill. Michael Parkinson’s adverts for the Sun Life Over 50s Plans have gathered well over half a million people who really could do with a proper funeral plan rather than a simple life policy which is not inflation proofed.

Half a million extra trees could make a big difference, so send your friends and family over to the Prepaid Funeral Review to sort out their funeral plan and download our free guide to how to prepare for the legal side of death.

At the Prepaid Funeral Review, as well as guiding our clients to make the best possible decisions when it comes to making life easier for those left behind.

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