Wades' wood

Diane Wade (previously Butland)

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Wades wood is to celebrate the many MANY years dedicated to the NHS by our friend Diane Wade
(formerly Butland). Diane has always been impossible to buy for, but what better way to celebrate her retirement than to help reforest such a beautiful area of Scotland. It is being started by the Foot Health Team,
her comrades in arms, but we hope that others will add to it. Hey, lets plant a FOREST!
Thanks Di, for all the laughs, for keeping us all in order, and for teaching us all. Thanks for your tireless hard work, the bad nicknames and the stupid practical jokes. We are all gradually getting used to you not being in clinic, although for a while the decibel level had dropped so much that we thought we had all gone deaf!
You are missed by all of us, staff and patients alike. From now on, a little bit of Scotland will be forever yours!

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Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Darling Dilly. Have only just learned of your passing. You gorgeous creature. You brought so much happiness to so many people. I treasure the moments we shared. A true star. You’ll be sadly missed.
Donated by Genevieve Stebbings (née Fishbach)
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Forever in our thoughts, my lovely friend
Donated by Sue Coles
Donated by Joy Stanton
Always remembered.
Donated by Barbara Dickinson
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Donated by Joy Stanton
Thank you Diane for welcoming James and us All into your wonderful Yorkshire family. Your kindness, fun & laughter will be so sadly missed. Remembered with Love always xx
Donated by Sue & Ian Emery & family
Happy birthday Diane. Miss you so much xx
Donated by Anne and Chris Smallridge
Dearest Dizzy I am reminded of you every day when I am gardening, walking the dogs and planning dives.What memories. I hope that your soul enjoys this woodland as it lives and grows. Keep laughing.
Donated by Joy Stanton
Thank you for all the help, advice, guidance and most importantly the laughs. I'll never forget you xxx
Donated by Fragrant
A small gift to remember Diane from your beekeeping pals. Lots of laughs in our journey to become beekeepers, and oh how you loved your bees! You will be sadly missed xx
Donated by Sue, Sandy, Greg, Bob and Brian at BABKA
You welcomed me to Bramham and became a super friend. You were the catalyst to so much fun and happiness. Di, vivacious,naughty and caring personified. I will ALWAYS have vivid memories of you.
Donated by TINKY, Bramham
A wonderful idea to remember Diane in a beautiful part of the world. xx
Donated by Sally and Andrew Cartlidge and Sheila Atkinson
Diane – you helped us through the most difficult times with your compassion, your bright spirit and dedication. We will always miss you dearly.
Donated by James and Carley
What a wonderful way of remembrance. Thoughts are with you and your Family Tim xx
Donated by Jessica Gold
What a privilege to have know such a wonderful person.
Love Betty
Donated by Betty Watts
Such happy memories JB
Donated by john beavan
Diane's courage is something I will never forget. She lit up every room she entered and will be sorely missed.
Donated by john whitaker
In memory of a bundle of laughter and energy…thank you Diane and thank you for sharing our little stories xx
Donated by Nora and Chris and everyone at Wetherby Physio Practice
You always made me smile
Donated by Greg
We miss Diane's laughter that we could hear in our office all the way from foot clinic!
Donated by Diabetes Dietitians at LTHT
Our thoughts and love are with you during this sad time.
Donated by Ian and Gwen
A good friend who will be greatly missed by all who knew her. The picture of her smile and sound of her laughter will always be with me. Sonia
Donated by Sonia & Ted Cavill
Thank you for the laughs, the galloping and general frivolity!! For the stories, red faced laughs on ward rounds, the 'shit' shoes and all the help! You will always be remembered. Lots of love xxxx
Donated by Helena
A laugh that would herald Di's arrival is a sound never to be forgotten, a truley special and talented lady
Donated by Linda, Joy & the Wharfedale Team
We join all of you in your sorrow
Donated by Dave Baxter
So sorry for your loss.
Donated by Sarah Wallace
In memory of a lovely friend Diane. You will never be forgotten. Our love to Tim and family.
Donated by Dawn and Grahame
Planting trees to celebrate the life and times of an extra-ordinary lady who gave her all in the fight against diabetic foot disease with an indomitable spirit. Rest in peace lovely, miss you x.
Donated by Gillian Osborne Leeds Community Podiatry
To a beautiful friend, we will miss you so much Diane.
Howard & Linda xxxx
Donated by Howard Partridge
We were so sorry to hear of Diane's passing, we will miss the joy, fun and laughter that always surrounded her. Love to Tim and family from Richard and Linda.
Donated by Richard and Linda Olsen
In loving memory of Diane who will be sadly missed.
Donated by Steve and Jill Jones
Diane your love and laughter will always be remembered and you will be so missed.
Donated by David and Sandra Anderson
An amazing friend who will always be in our Danish heats.
Donated by Donated by Finn, Frederik and Elisabeth
Dear Tim,
So sad to hear of Diane's passing, she taught me most of what I know about feet, I will miss her
Carol x
Donated by Carol Amery
Barcelona will always be less sunny. It was great to meet you and I know why so many will feel your loss alongside Tim and your family.
Donated by Tony Feeney
Tim, my thoughts are with you and your family….what a lovely way to remember Diane by….'Wades wood'
Donated by Ian Ross
Tim, I'm so sorry for your loss. You are in all our thoughts here at Morgan Sindall. Wade's Wood is such a lovely way for Diane's memory to live on for many years to come.
Donated by Adam Titmus
Thinking of you Tim and all your family. We are all here for you. Love to you. xx
Donated by Laura and Pete Carter
Donated by Brian and Carole Ogle
Our thoughts are with you
Donated by Chris Russell-Miller and Family
So sad. Remembering all the good times together. xx
Donated by Mark and Debbie Halstead and Family.
A great friend with a fabulous sense of fun. We all miss you.
Donated by Janey, Ruth, Julie, Rebecca, Elaine and Steph. Diane's book club friends
Loud,Laughing,and always Positive. Thanks for everything
Donated by Shirley and Ted coyne, and the 3 grandchildren
Di-the bright star that will be forever in our hearts, the very best of friends and a great buddy.
Donated by Ice, Mrs Ice and the Icicles
In memory of my bonkers, infuriating ,kind, hilarious ,and incredibly smart friend. I even miss your terrible jokes.
Donated by Justine , Matt and Spike.
Diane, always the life and soul of the department you will be greatly missed. A truly lovely lady.
Donated by Mark and Karen Dovey
In memory of Diane who was a valuable part of the Branch for many years. You will be missed but never forgotten! May your memory live on by creating new life in the woodland. XXX
Donated by West Yorkshire Branch of Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists
Such a lovely lady,I will never forget how kind and supportive you were to me when my nephew was very ill. You will be missed. God Bless. Love Fiona Marsh
Donated by Fiona Marsh
An amazing lady who will never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts xxx
Donated by Trish Calderwood ward J19 x
A truly inspirational lady, such a sad loss xx
Donated by Helen and Tim Cavill
To our beautiful friend Diane aka Diddley Di, You were one of the first people to greet me at the LGI We have been firm friends since that day. Love & miss you always God Bless.
Donated by Mandy & Paul Curotto
We were so very sorry to hear that Diane had passed away. You could hear Diane laugh long before you saw her. Our thoughts are with her Husband, Family and Work Colleagues.
Donated by Lesley and Barry Greaves.
My thoughts are with Tim and your family Cx
Donated by Clare Sheridan
Dear Tim, we are thinking of you and your family at this very difficult time. Take care. Your friends at Morgan Sindall Group
Donated by Morgan Sindall Group
In loving memory and honour of our dear friend Diane. A fitting tribute to live on in the woodlands.
"There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart". (Mahatma Gandhi)
Donated by Flip and Tonie Phillippi
Larger than life and full
of Laughter.
We will remember you always. X
Donated by Penny, Graeme, JoJo and Ben Stables
Diane (Dilly) you have been a wonderful friend for many years and we will miss you so much. The name Dilly means remarkable and outstanding and this sums you up. Our thoughts are with Tim and familyxx
Donated by Sue and Ian Coles and family
You will be in our hearts and minds laughing and dancing forever Diane
Donated by Sally, Jon & Charlotte
In these moments of loss, words seem so useless. We were deeply saddened when this news came and our thoughts are with you Tim and the family as you adjust at this very difficult time. Much love
Donated by Sarah & Adam Cunningham
We are deeply saddened by the news of Diane's passing. Our heart felt condolences to you and your family
Donated by From all the BT Team
My thoughts are with the whole family at this incredibly difficult time. Take solace in each other and know you are supported by another family at Morgan Sindall
Donated by Rick Farrow
What a wonderful and fitting memorial to the love of Tim's life. We are so sorry for your loss and send our love to Tim and the Wade family xx
Donated by Helen and Richard Mason
Thoughts are with you and your family Tim
Donated by Francis
Donated by Simon Taggart & family
It's been a real pleasure working with you for many years Di. We miss you loads and wish you much happiness. Love you lots J19 ❤❤❤
Donated by Sally, Trish, Sam, Sue and Simon ward J19
Thank you Diane for your professional care and jokes during the last days of my life. My family will never forget the hareem that collected in my room on ward 19. At last I was relaxed and laughing.
Donated by Rex Leonard Stanton(Joys Dad)
Diane you have been a pleasure to work with. I've learned so much from you for which I am grateful.
Hope you like your own wood. Love Janet xx
Dear Diane
It was a real pleasure working with you . You gave us so much cheer and laughs and I was so sorry to not find you on my return to work. Enjoy this piece of nature
Donated by Anjali Santhakumar
Di, It's been an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to work with you, learn the nuances of diabetic feet from you, and to have you as a friend. I hope you enjoy your bit of bush!! Love Dave
Donated by Dave Russell
It has been pleasure working with you Di and I hope you like the Wades wood
Donated by Sri Kummaraganti
It has been such a pleasure working with you, what a lovely way to celebrate, I hope you like it.
Donated by Rosie Darwood
Diane we wanted to add trees to Wades Wood in celebration of your retirement with love from
Claire L, Carol, David, Denise, Jacqueline, Dan, Lisa, Sue, Pam, Claire D, Keely, Debbie
Donated by Colleagues in Manny Cussins Centre
Donated by The Foot Health Department , Tom , Loz, Helena ,Justine, Ismail, Heidi, and Richard.