Danielle and Friends' Little Wild Wood

Danielle Styles

7th January 2017
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To celebrate my birthday, I invited my friends and family to help me start a grove of trees in beautiful, wild Scotland. This little wild wood is our contribution to creating a greener, more beautiful world; to healing the atmosphere; and restoring the Caledonian Forest to its former magnificence.

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“Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.” ― John Muir
Donated by Claire Hellings
Thank you for the opportunity to gift you with a tree.
Courageous & beautiful, woman, happy birthday.
Donated by Dahlia
I love the trees and being half Scottish this project speaks to my heart. All power to you Danielle. So much love. ❤
Donated by Rachel Fleming
Inspired by my recent conservation week at Glen Affric, I felt it was time to give our little wood a top up…
Donated by Danielle
I love this project! With love for the future forest Danielle! xxx
Donated by Laura Major
This is the money we initially raised together
Donated by Viv, Jodie & Jay, Gaby & Andy, Gnisha, Micha, Leon, Claire, Pete, Cordelia, Caroline B, Heather, Zoltan, Rachel & Salva, Emily & Robin, James, Danielle