Ron's Grove on what would have been his 77th birthday

Ron Ward

Birthday 27th May 2017
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This grove is for Ron, who loved Scotland and trees. It will be a living legacy.
Family and friends please feel free to add to this grove at anytime.

The first 8 trees were planted from Wife Jeanette, Children – Debbie, Andrew & Sharon,
Son & Daughter in Laws – Gary & Rebecca, Grandchildren – Harry & Kingsley

Happy Birthday 27th May 2017 Love from all the family xxxxxxxx

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Happy Fathers Day.
Went down and gave you some Yellow Carnations
and gave your Acer a water.
Miss you. Xxx
Donated by Sharon
Happy birthday Ron, still missing you.
Have picture with message of Scottish geraniums brought back from Fort William they love both gardens.
Will always remember our trips to Scotland.
love Jeanette
Donated by Jeanette
Happy Birthday Dad – wish you were here to celebrate.
Miss you so much.
Shame you cant see your Acers which are doing so well.
Always in my heart and thoughts. S xxxxx
Donated by Sharon
Ron our 53rd wedding anniversary wish you were here.
Visited you with Sharon with flowers from the garden.
Miss you, most glorious weather here for March,
Acers now starting to leaf,
love forever, Nette.
Donated by Jeanette
Well Chris another year gone and it still doesn’t get any better.
Do so miss your visits with Mick it always brought the place alive with your laughter and constant teasing of Ron.
Love Nette X
Auntie Chrissy – 2 years its been since you were taken so cruely from us aswell as Dad. Miss your laughter & fun nature. Sharon xx
Donated by Sharon
Hello Ron, 2yrs since taken from us, still missing you.
Feb has seen heavy snow, hot sun, another quiz & half Marathon run by Andy & Gary and your favourite Camelia is out early.
Love as always Nette X
2 years now since we lost you.
Still very tough, never stop thinking of you.
Always in my heart and thoughts.
Love Sharon xxx
Donated by Sharon
Happy New Year Dad – its now 2019 and another year without you.
Miss you loads xx
Donated by Sharon
Another Xmas without you, still missing you
so & sad that you aren’t seeing the grandchildren growing up.
Will be thinking of you.
Debs & Gary joining us at Andrew’s later.
Will love and miss you always
Donated by jeanette
Happy Xmas Dad – 2nd Xmas without you, still miss you.
Wish you were here with us.
We have given you a little Xmas tree where you sleep.
Forever in my heart and thoughts. Xxx
Donated by Sharon
Another birthday has come around and still missing your happy go lucky attitude
and the many trips you made to Ron and us, which he loved.
The arcade in Lyme misses you and your 2p’s!
Love always J & S
Donated by Jeanette & Sharon
Happy Fathers Day – will give you some whiskey later,
and will check on your Acer.
Miss you. lots of love Sharon xxx
Donated by Sharon
Happy Birthday Dad.
Well last night was the most amazing Electrical storm,
today is Sunshine – we have planted an Acer with you today,
so hopefully it will grow well.
Miss you loads as does Audrey xxx
Donated by Sharon
Sending love and thoughts today which would have been your birthday and especially as the garden after all the snow
suddenly sprung into life and is looking fantastic
wish you could see your Acers.
Donated by Nette
Thinking of you today which would be our 52nd wedding anniversary.
News, Sharon she is now a 5th Dan from Sunday.
Andrew and Co down for Easter which is also Andrews 46th Birthday
Miss you lots Nette
Donated by Jeanette
A tree for my Auntie Chris – its been a year – missing your laughter and silliness.
Lots of love Sharon xx
Donated by Sharon
A year has passed since you were taken from us and the pain is still as deep,
miss you loads Dad,
I think of you every day.
Always in my Thoughts forever in my Heart.
Lots of Love Sharon xxx
Donated by Sharon
Thinking of you especially today as now a year since
you were taken so unexpectedly from us.
Miss you, house seems so empty without you.
Today planted celandines from garden +tulips for you.
Love Nette
Donated by Jeanette (wife)
Ron, Happy Xmas, missing you loads especially in the run up to Xmas
as I had to write all the cards (which is your job). Nette xx
Donated by Nette
Happy Xmas Dad, wishing you were here, miss you loads,
always in my thoughts and in my heart. Love you xxxx
Donated by Sharon
In memory of Chris (Sister of Nette, Auntie to Sharon)
whose Birthday would’ve been today, 7th November,
who we sadly lost a week after Ron.
Missing her love of fun & quirky personality, Nette & Sharon xx
Donated by Nette & Sharon
Miss you Grandad, Love Kingsley xx
Miss you Grandad, Love Harry xx
A one of a kind father in law that's missed daily. Rebecca x
Listen to those trees, producing the air I’m breathing Shhh we’ve been recruiting for special branch… love Gary
Dad you are missed so much,
Thank You for everything, a lovely spot to sit
and read the Paper & listen to Beethoven
– Love you Always, Sharon & Audrey (The Cat) xx
The perfect spot for a drop of whisky, always in our thoughts. Andy x
A little piece of Scotland for you Dad, from a branch of your own family tree.
Love always, Debbie xxx
Ron, Thank You for all the excellent holidays we had in Scotland,
we always had good weather.
Thinking of you always. Love Nette xxx