2016 Photography Competition Winners Announced!

2016 Photography Competition Winners Banner

1st February 2017

The winners of the 2016 photography contest have been selected. We present our three winning images!

The competition was extremely tough and we found it difficult to select only three winners. The quality, composition and adherence to theme of all entries was highly impressive. We would like to thank everyone who entered the 2016 competition.

Our winners will all receive a gift pack and we're looking forward to using their images, and others entered into the competition, to inspire people to help rewild the Highlands.

Forest Landscape & Overall Winner

Kira Zumkley

“Our first day was beyond wet! We were only outside pulling out Rhododendrons for two hours. By the end of it we were soaked through to the last layer but still somehow had had a fantastic time. The weather improved each day and the work was very varied ranging from pulling out Rhododendron and fern roots, to planting Aspen and putting up tree guards. The last day was beyond beautiful. We hiked up through a snow and ice covered landscape being greeted by the sun and the most spectacular view over Ben Damph. And to make leaving Torridon behind even more difficult the drive back was like driving through a Christmas post card!”

Volunteers at Work Winner

Jo Eaton-Brown

“The knowledge and passion of the focalisers was infectious and they facilitated the group with care and enthusiasm. My understanding of the ecosystem is forever changed and I learnt so much about the forest! I can now read the landscape around me in a new way and I can't wait to come back and do another week. I feel nourished from the fresh air, good company and positive difference I have made to the environment. The project is truly inspiring.”

Nature Winner

Daniel Salliss

“My conservation week with Trees For Life was fantastic; my first time in Scotland could not have been better. The scenery was stunning and it was a real privilege to share the experiences with the brilliant people I met on the week. The focalisers (Peter, Sarah and Apprentice Tom) were genuinely inspirational people, I learned a lot from them and I would love to get involved in the charity in the near future.

Picking 5 photos from the many I took for each category was extremely difficult, which really says a lot for how beautiful the highlands are. One morning, a few other volunteers and myself went for a morning swim in the River Moriston. The sun was rising over the hills on one side of the Glen, with a rainbow going over the other side. Unbelievable! It made for a pretty picture, but the true feel of moments like this are never properly captured in photos- so the great memories will have to do instead!”


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