To celebrate the marriage of Barbara and Don's wedding/partnership grove
31st January 2009

To celebrate the marriage of Barbara and Don grove

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31st January 2009

Barbara and Don invite our friends and relatives to join us in this celebration of our wedding.

Donated by Barbara and Don

I'm very happy for you. Jean and George

Donated by Jean and George

Every good wish

Donated by Helen Kalis

We bless your union, or should we say, reunion with the beauty of Birch. Our love, Jutta, Michael and Casper

Donated by Jutta, Michael and Casper

Dear Barbara & Don, Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. Hope you enjoy your special day. Lots of love, Debbie, Kevin, Kelly & Daniel XXXX

Donated by Debbie, Kevin, Kelly & Daniel

Dedicated to Barbara and Don in celebration of their wedding on 31st January 2009. We wish them a wonderful day and a very happy and healthy future together. Love from Barry and Brenda

Donated by Barry and Brenda

I'm Going To Sleep- I'm going to sleep Come to me, my wife Let us meet Where our young years Lie enshrouded in time fog Where the first steppe night Untouched Awaits us still--- Galsan Tschinag - All The Paths Around Your Yurt--- Love Heike and Cesary

Donated by Heike and Cesary

Dear Barbara and Don. All our love and very best wishes for a wonderful wedding day and for your future happiness together. Hope the trees grow as strong as your love in the years ahead. Love Bob and Vicky.

Donated by Bob and Vicky

Further good wishes from Jean and George

Donated by Jean and George

In memories of the past and wishes for the future

for Barbara and Don to a happy life. Jane McDuff

Donated by Jane McDuff

Congratulations Don and Barbara. Chris Gammon

Donated by Chris Gammon

Belated congratulations to you both. Wishing you all the very best for the future.Love & Best Wishes Liz xx

Donated by Liz

Para Barbara y Don. Esperamos de todo corazon que estos arboles lleguen a ser tan grades como vuestro amor. Con todo nuestro cariòo. Gelma, Pilar e Ibai

Donated by Gelma, Pilar e Ibai

Dear Barbara & Don, Wishing you a wonderful wedding day & lots of happiness for the future - hopefully we will be able to come & see our little trees growing sometime! Lots of Love, Diane & Ricky xxxxxx

Donated by Diane and Ricky

Where'er you walk, cool gales shall fan the glade, Trees where you sit shall crowd into a shade: Where'er you tread, the blushing flowers shall rise, And all things flourish where you turn your eyes. (Alexander Pope)

Wishing you every happiness in your life together. Love, Jan & Brian xx

Donated by Jan and Brian

Dear Barbara and Don Wishing you a wonderful wedding day and a very happy future together. Lots of love from Jonathan and Claire xxxx

Donated by Jonathan and Claire

To Barbara and Don with gratitude and thanks for lighting up our lives in Vienna. Love, Fredi & Janet and Anne

Donated by Fredi, Janet and Anne

To Barbara and Don, Wishing you many years of happiness and love together. With much love from Lynden and Ruth

Donated by Lynden and Ruth

Wishing you both good health and happiness. Our love to you Jean and Mick Grover

Donated by Jean and Mick Grover

May you be blessed in your life together. Happy Wedding ... Happy Birthday

Donated by Jacqui C., Jane McDuff

May you two grow as strong as the trees. With love Mo

Donated by Mo

Congratulations on your wedding

Donated by Angela and Tony

Congratulations on embracing your dreams and making them a reality. Those deserving of happiness can take as much as they like.

Donated by Michael Ashton-Vincent

Dearest Barbie and Don, It is actually a delight to have some trees planted in celebration of you! Symbols of a lovingness that lasts long and of a giving that is generous and unconditional. Thank you for inviting me to celebrate your re-Union!! Blessings of Love and Grace, Nadasree

Donated by Nadasree

To Barbara and Don, With much love and many blessings for a happy life together. From Judith and Joycelin

Donated by Judith and Joycelin

United your resolve, united your hearts, may your spirits be at one, that you may long together dwell in unity and concord - Rig Veda (the final mantra) Love and Blessings, Ce and Pete (Hawe)

Donated by Ce and Pete (Hawe)

Dear Barbara and Don, you bring hope to the concept of love! Thank you for an amazing wedding, your smiles and beauty will continue to radiate through the growth of the trees planted through this grove. Love and blessings Carin and Fred

Donated by Carin and Fred

Gottes Segen für Eure Hochzeit und gutes Wachstum für die Bäume! Love to you Barbara Spenne

Donated by Barbara Spenner

Congratulations! Barbara and Don May you have many happy years together, (like two big mature trees in Glen Affric) joy, peace and good health go with you both. Love Fay

Donated by Fay

Lots of love and lots of blessings on your journey together. BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding. I wish you joy and peace and bit of patience too (when needed!) With much love Vera

Donated by Vera

May your hearts binding on this day bring you lasting peace and happiness. Many blessings on your partnership. All my love, Sara

Donated by Sara

All good wishes for your happiness from Mai and Mick

Donated by Mai and Mick

Dear Barbara & Don, Congratulations to you both. I hope you have lots of love, fun and laughter together. We look forward to walking the grove with you, all of our love and best wishes, Victoria, Altan, Emre & Lidya. Xxxx

Donated by Victoria, Altan, Emre & Lidya

Dear Don and Babs, Have a really lovely day Lots of love Mum xxxx xxxxx

Donated by Mum

Dear Barbara and Don What a wonderful idea to make a grove of trees and watch and enjoy its growth. With love and blessings on your reunion. Jill Denton

Donated by Jill Denton

May all that's good and joyful be with you on your wedding day and every day there after. Much love Jacqui C.

Donated by Jacqui C

We wish you a wonderful life together. Full of peace, happyness `nd fun (of course). Juan Carlos, Yolanda, Pablo y Helena

Donated by Juan Carlos, Yolanda, Pablo y Helena

Liebe Barbara, Lieber Don An Eurem Hochzeit, Gluckwunsche, Gesundheit, Eure Margret. Liebe Barbara Lieber Don, Menschen, die aus der Huffnung leben, sehen weiter. Menschen, die aus der Liebe leben, sehen teifer. Menschen, die aus dem glauben leben, sehen alles in einem anderern licht (Lothar Zenetti) Peter unt Markus Liebe Barbara, Lieber Don, Zu Euerer gemein - samen Hochzeit die besten segenswunsche senden euch. Liebe Grusse Gaby mit Kinder

Donated by Eure Margret, Peter unt Markus, Gaby mit Kinder

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Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
To celebrate the marriage of Barbara and Don's grove
Trees in this grove: 242

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