Buddhist Climate Project's celebration grove
The Sheltering Grove of Interdependence

Buddhist Climate Project grove

Under a tree the great sage Buddha was born.
Under a tree he overcame passion
And obtained enlightenment.
Under two trees he passed into Nirvana.
Indeed, the Buddha held trees in great esteem.
-Dalai Lama XIV

The Buddhist Climate Project offers you participation in the creation of a large grove of native trees in the restored Caledonian Forest of Scotland. Trees can be donated to this grove throughout 2009, in the run up to the crucial United Nations Climate Conference, COP-15 in Copenhagen December 2009. The grove will then be designed and planted in Spring 2010. Its name has been based upon the Dalai Lama's verse prayer The Sheltering Tree of Interdependence.

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22nd July 2011

30th April 2009

Trees are our protection. Everywhere but especially island nations. In memory of the lost people/culture of Easter Island I dedicate this tree. For you, Annapurna. Thank you for your work. It is an honor to support it! In gratitude to our plant sisters and brothers. For Demian and Joe with love from Kate and John In hope for the future Joyce E-S Pasajera es la vida, dolorosa y vacia. Willis Whoa For Susan and James with love from Walla Walla Dharma Sangha To the sentient and insentient. May our wonderful planet earth survive despite all our greed and mindlessness and may future generations still be able to enjoy all his beauty. May all beings be happy! The Time to Act is Now. We need to move together towards an economy that provides a satisfactory standard of living for everyone while allowing us to develop our full (including spiritual) potential in harmony with the biosphere that sustains and nurtures all beings, including future generations. Future generations, and the other species that share the biosphere with us, have no voice to ask for our compassion, wisdom, and leadership. We must listen to their silence. We must be their voice, too, and act on their behalf. Helen Angel For the well-being of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama & His Holiness the XVII Gyalwang Karmapa on this planet.... in infinite gratitude for the thousandfold benefits of their teachings, specially around this time.... May all beings be peaceful, happy & liberated. wasfia nazreen You're in me, I'm in you. This tree is dedicated to my mother. The deep roots and energy from this tree gives her light in her mind . For Jovita Diaz Rocha. Canary Islands. Spain May the earth be cleansed of the damage we have inflicted on her and may this tree prosper and grow. Frances Morris For the benefit of all beings without exception. The Dan Morris family dedicate these ten trees to sustainable interdependance. May we as a family, and all the people of the world protect, appreciate and care for each other, the earth and all of its beautiful manifestations. Dan Morris, Marge Dente, Linda Morris, Margaret Cull, Nan McMurry, Kirstin Morris, Nina Monasevitch, Kimmer Morris, Carissa Morris, Lyle Morris In beauty may we walk … Maria May all beings be happy, Eugen Oehler, Berlin For peace in the world and contentment of all beings For Sheila and Ashley. For mothers and sons everywhere. In memory of Keith & Dorothy (and kind, loving parents everywhere) "May you walk among long dappled grass, and pluck till time and times are done, the silver apples of the moon, the golden apples of the sun." the Moburg Family May all beings grow towards enlightenment like trees which reach for the light ~ Sky Dragon dear Mother... To my dear Friend Linda D Carlisle and all sentient beings For mum Dedicated to all who are taking action for a future to be possible. I dedicate these trees for the success of a new treaty to protect the world's climate in Copenhagen this year. In honour of my Aunt Una, who taught me to love nature. May this donation to this project help revert the damage we did to our planet, may we all find inner peace, happiness and contentment, and, ultimately, attain the state of complete enlightenment! Petr Chmelar For my darling children Anna and Olya. Trees are our friends and our shelter. In your honor I plant these two trees that you will grow up together and enjoy each other's presence. Love Mumzi In honour of Dr. A. J. Barker, love from Tricia May we grow in wisdom, love and compassion. Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come. - Chinese proverb In loving memory of Bob Belden from Walla Walla Dharma Sangha. These trees are dedicated to the Watsons of Tillicoultry from their descendants and cousins in America. May they serve as a lasting bridge between us and all sentient beings. Terrance Lee Johnson For Chase, who is a tree, with love.

Donated by Marianna Tubman, Diane Stanley, Carsten Clasohm, Honora Lee Wolfe, John Swift, Stephen Roth, Kate and John, Joyce-E-S, Willis Whoa, Walla Walla Dharma Sangha, Michael Roehm, Miriam Dean, Catrin Pichler, Helen Angel, Neil Hughes, Wasfia Nazreen, Jovita Pri

Your grove of trees

The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Buddhist Climate Project's grove
Trees in this grove: 236

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