Bron Billcliffe and Alex Ellis wedding/partnership grove
20th September 2008

Bron Billcliffe and Alex Ellis grove

As you all know, we have been together for some years and already have all the material things that we could need. Those of you coming to the wedding will also know from the invitations that Alex loves working with wood and Bron simply loves trees, all trees! So, to celebrate our wedding we are planting our own special named grove of trees as part of Trees for Life's vision to restore the Caledonian Forest. We have started off our grove with eight trees and if you would like to add more trees as a small wedding gift we would love that.

With much love, thank you all.

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20th September 2008

Donated by Bron Billcliffe and Alex Ellis

John and Jo Freer dedicate these trees as a lasting and joyous celebration of the wedding of Alex Ellis and Bron Billcliffe.

Donated by John and Jo Freer

with love from Mary x

Donated by Mary

This is my gift to you both on this happy occasion. May you always be happy. Love Mum

Donated by Bronwen's Mum

Wishing you both every happiness, on your wedding day and always, With love from Marilyn

Donated by Marilyn

All our love to you both! Looking forward to seeing you very soon and celebrating with you - about time too! :) Lots of love from Owen and Hollie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Donated by Owen and Hollie

Tous nos voeux de bonheur et de felicite. Or in short, all the very best !!! Rejane and Guillaume.

Donated by Andrew and Sarah, Rejane and Guillaume

This is to wish you both much happiness together. I look forward to saying this in person when you next come to Wales. I hope the 20th will be a wonderful day. with love from Fay

Donated by Fay

Wishing you both every happiness on your special day, and for the future. Looking forward to celebrating with you, Jennifer, Martin & Sarah

Donated by Martin, Jennifer & Sarah

Wishing you every happiness in your life together and joy at watching your Grove grow! Love Bill & Alison

Donated by Alison & Bill

I cannot think of a nicer way to express our pleasure about your marriage, Bron and Alex. Have a happy day and many happy years to come. Foye and Sandy.

Donated by Foye and Sandy

Have a wonderful day and all the best for the future. Love from Kathy & Peter, Lynne and David

Donated by Kathy

Congratulations to you both & all good health & good wishes to you both for the future. All our love, Maureen and Jim

Donated by Maureen & Jim

Have a fantastic day, wishing you all the happiness Lots of love, Graeme, Libby and William xxxx

Donated by Maureen & Jim

Thank you for including us all in your special day, you both looked so happy! May these trees be a lasting reminder of that day. Loads of love, Andrew and Sarah

Donated by Andrew and Sarah

Very belated congratulations from Anne & Harry! Wishing you both good health and much happiness in your marriage.

Donated by Anne & Harry

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Bron Billcliffe and Alex Ellis grove
Trees in this grove: 94

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