Krystina Becker and Colin Robertson's wedding/partnership grove

A grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands

Ironing board, knives, pots and pans, bed sheets.... all very nice wedding presents. But we're doing it a bit differently - we're inviting you to give us a tree! Scotland was once covered in beautiful forests however only a little is left. By giving a small donation you're helping to replant these trees.

We're already planning to visit our grove of trees and we're looking forward to watching the trees grow old with us!

Bgeleisen, Messer, Tpfe und Pfannen, Bettbezge...sind alles schne Hochzeitsgeschenke. Aber wir machen es ein wenig anders - wir laden Euch ein, einen Baum zu stiften. Schottland war einst voll schner Wlder, doch davon ist nur noch wenig erhalten. Mit einer kleinen Spende helft Ihr, neue Bume zu pflanzen.

Wir plannen schon, unseren kleinen Wald zu besuchen und wir freuen uns darauf die Bume mit uns alt werden zu sehen!

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29th November 2006

You have decided to spend the rest of your lives together. Congratulations! Your relationship will grow and change over time - each phase having its own fascination. As an experienced womaniser (I had one proper girlfriend and we are still happily married today) I cannot hold back with a long list of advises: - always respect each other as individuals and enjoy the differences in personalities - give each other space to develop - take lots of time to be together and most importantly - talk to each other about everything - listen - with your ears and hearts I wish you all the best for your journey - may you be happy and healthy. Hanspeter (and in spirit also from Katharina) Dear Tina and Colin, wish you will see your trees very often and then joyfully think of your marriage! All the best for both of you! Lydia Dear Colin & Krystina, CONGRATULATIONS! May the Lord bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you. With Best Wishes, Priscilla. To Colin & Krystina. A tree from each of us, Mark, Sally and Mali Brider Congratulations Krystina and Colin. Good luck for the future, John and Ivy Dear Krystina, dear Colin, it is great knowing you guys a little. Adriana, Lena and I hope that all your dreams come true and that have a wonderful marriage. You picked a gift that makes an analogy with marriage so easy…sometimes it rains, sometimes the storm but most of the time we hope the sun will shine for your trees as for you love. Thank you for letting us participate! Adriana, Lena & Joerg Dear Colin & Krystina, Wishing you a long, beautiful, happy and healthy life together. With love from Michael and Rhyll McMullen A Chinese greeting from Thomas :) Best wishes for a-hundred years of happiness for the two of you, and may your hearts always be together. Dear Krystina and Colin, Congratulations on taking the most important and positive steps in your life. Research shows that marriage makes you healthier, wealthier, and definitely happier, so that's something worth looking forward to. Best wishes, Seng Gay Dear Krystina and Colin, Congratulations again! Wishing you a fun filled marriage. Love, live and laugh together - and keep cats!! Laura & Kevin it is a priviledge to give a gift like this. We hope your marriage grows from strength to strength as naturally and as beautifully as these trees. God bless, Pankaj & Aditi All the best for you and many happy years! from Carl Athayde I think your beach wedding in Thailand and party in Singapore was a great way to start your married life. It was a real pleasure to be part of it. You make a fantastic couple. I look forward to meeting up in the future to hear how you both are. Love, Gary McLean Krystina and Colin! What a big year for all of us and here's wishing you all the best for your future together! Caroline and Chris Lamb :) What a unique way to celebrate your union. Wishing you both lots of joy and love in the years to come! Best, Susan Chua

Donated by Brunner Hanspeter, Lydia Barth, Priscilla Sim, Mrs S E Brider, Catherine Yap, Doris Seah, John Clark, Joerg Nuernberg, Rhyll McMullen, Wang Xiaoyang, Chan Seng Gay, Anne Yang Chwen Yuh, Kevin J Bastone, Stephan Voigt, Marcus Coghlan, Patricia Low, Pankaj

Your grove of trees

The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Krystina Becker and Colin Robertson's grove
Trees in this grove: 357

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