A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
LifeLines Memorial Grove
Supporting and Befriending Prisoners
on deathrow in the United States
through letter writing

A grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands


These trees stand in memory of the men and women we have known. They themselves discarded by society like weeds; some no more than saplings never given the chance to show what they could be, others stunted from poor soil or gnarled and twisted by harsh winds, others so poisonous that few could approach. Others flowering against the odds. Some, huge spreading trees beneath which others could take refuge and find support, laughter and even love.
Others again that should never have been there at all.

Each has had a story to tell. Often, it was a story that had not been told before, and which even the men and women themselves heard properly for the first time only in the telling. For here were people who, even in their darkest
of groves, found themselves thrusting up towards the light and reaching out to share with others on the outside;
the letter their lifeline.

A lifeline which, no matter what the men and women had done, stretched both ways. Remorse, anger, confusion, horror, fear all these dark forces crowding in on every side transcended by the simple knowledge that someone cared. And we, on the outside, humbled and awed by what the human spirit could survive, and by how much these ruthlessly cast aside weeds had discovered and had to offer. Not just individual penpals but entire families touched, deeply,
by this most improbable of shared journeys. We have been there, when the axe has struck.

May these trees stand like sentinels, guarding all that has so enriched lives on both sides of the Atlantic.
May we remember too, while marking all that has meant so much to us, those who lost their lives beforehand
and all those whose lives were so tragically and irretrievably changed.

Jan Arriens, Founder of LifeLines (Est. 1988)

LifeLines UK

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In memorial for all those who have been killed unjustly on death row in the USA
and for my pen friend who lives in hope.

Donated by Alexandra Thurston

9th May 2019

For my good friend Tyrone Cade

Donated by Denise

10th March 2019

For Ricky Kerr, Linda Carty, Nathanial Barley, Tracy Housel and Jackie Elliot.
All far more than just prisoners on Death Row.

Donated by Hugh Southey

25th February 2019

For my penpals in the USA. Four individuals who inspire me.

Donated by Michael

5th January 2019

My pen pal Justin, on death Row in Florida,
inspires me with his positive spirit and compassion.
Thank you Jason.

Donated by Jenny Cornellius

1st September 2018


Donated by DOREEN DUNN

26th August 2018

For Louis Rangel Zaragoza in California

Donated by Doreen Dunn

26th August 2018

I am planting two trees, one for Andre "Kokomo" Williams and an extra one.

Donated by Michael Lewis

24th August 2018

For Howard in Illinois

Donated by Clare Singleton

29th May 2018

For Leon Dorsey IV, mostly known as Pete.
A special person who taught me that true friendship can take many forms.
You are still missed. Xxx

Donated by Jacqui Thomasen

23rd February 2018

For my good friend Terry Edwards. I will always remember you x

Donated by Cheri Midderigh

27th February 2017

Michael, you're constantly in my prayers. Yours in friendship, M-M and Miss Daisy

Donated by Mrs Bolton

27th July 2015

Shawna, thinking of you and sending my best wishes.

Donated by Mrs Bolton

27th July 2015

In Memory of Tim Redman
a friend even though we did not agree on many subjects.
He killed himself in Nov 2009
after the guards sprayed his cell with 5 to 7 big cans of chemical agent.

Donated by Erich

25th May 2015

Dierdre Schmitt, beloved wife to Erich, bestfriend, big sister to Robert.
Lil Dee, loved, missed, never forgotten!
May the Lord & your father welcome you in a loving embrace.
Until we meet again darlin.
love R.

Donated by Robert

24th February 2015

John Gerish died in hospital.
It was a privilege to support you John. 'See you in heaven'.

Roderick Davie A.K.A. Zakiy
Bless you for your love.

William (Corky)Snyder died 2011
Your faith in God was a wonderful example. See you one day!

16th January 2014

In memory of Duke (Donald Palmer)
on the first anniversary of your passing 20th September 2013.
Rest in peace.

Donated by Julie Sullivan

23rd September 2013

In memory of our dear friend Da'rryl Durr
sadly missed especially today on your growth day
from Julie, Rory, Darla and Jodi.

Donated by Julie Sullivan

2nd July 2013

Thinking of all those prisoners on the Row in the US,
from all the attendees of the first south east regional group meeting
held at St Mary's Abbey West Malling 10.03.2012

Donated by Rachael Martin

12th March 2012

For our penpal Rodrigo, our friend for the last five years.
May you truly rest in peace.
With much love, Sarah & Steve Eardley

Donated by Sarah Eardley

30th January 2012

For Danny from Max

11th January 2011

My pen-friend Phil Tompkins is no longer on death row in Texas.

Donated by Mrs G Harrison

22nd November 2010

In memory of Julius Young of Oklahoma, my friend for the last four years of his life.
Liz Bailey

Donated by Mrs. E.M.Bailey

5th June 2010

In memory of John Alba, who was executed in Texas on May 25th.

Donated by Pamela Hunt

27th May 2010

For Rex Mays, James Martinez, Jose Medellin (executed in Texas) and Arthur Brown Jun. (on Death Row in Texas)

Donated by Lynne Adams

5th March 2010

Kenneth, thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness. Barbara

Donated by Barbara Bravester

4th February 2010

2nd May 2007

In memory of Leroy McNeil, died North Carolina, October 2008.
A treasured friendship, Janet

In memory of Richard Henyard
who was executed by the State of Florida on 23rd September 2008.
Thank you for all you gave to me. You will never be forgotten. Becky x x x

For Billy Ray Riggs (Pops), my penfriend in St. Quentin. Fran Grice

For my friend, Daoud Adanandus-El, Texas. For his mum, his sisters, his children and grandchildren.

For Mum & Grandma, Lots of Love Andrea & Rachael

For Jack Friend, a prisoner currently on death row in California.

In memory Brodrick Monylan on DR a few years ago

For Michael L Riley, executed 19th May 2009 after more than 20 years on death row.

In memory of my friend, John R. Marek, killed in Florida 2009

1st January 1970

For Vincent, remembered with love, Zoe :)

For Leo Edwards, executed 21 June 1989, age 36. In honour of the great wisdom, dignity and courage you should showed to the very end.

In memory of Gerald 'Jake' Gallego who died in the Nevada Department of Corrections, Carson City, USA on Death Row, in 2002

For Razzaaq Muhammad - thank you for 12 years of friendship
and I really miss our big hugs.
You have left a big hole in my life
but will always have a place in my heart.
Jil and the King too.

To the forgotten ones Jerry McFadden,1999, and Al Janecka, 2003, both from Texas.

In memory of Michael Durocher, killed in Florida in 1993. Rosemary

Leaves fall from trees just as loved ones leave our lives
But memories like trees will last forever in our hearts
Andrea & Rachael

I can think of nothing better to remind me of the beauty and joy of life than a tree.
A tree stands tall and proud and contributes much to its environment.
Our penfriends are not pathetic victims of the American 'Justice' system,
they are examples to us all of how to be glorious victors, and to stand tall and proud.
I celebrate your courage and your creativity!
Jean Martin

In memory of those that have lost their lives
or their loved ones to the horror that is the death penalty.
You will never be far from my thoughts.
Cheryl Nunn.

I would like to donate this tree to Tracy Hansen
who was executed by the State of Mississippi on July 17, 2002
In memory of all those who have lost their lives in the name of justice.

For James Hunter. Thank you for everything that you have taught me.
Stephanie Looney

In memory of my good friend Joseph L. Trueblood, executed in Indiana on 13 June 2003. Elizabeth Anne Muller

For Mark a true friend - you will be sadly missed. May you now be at peace

1st January 1970

In memory of remarkable friends: Sam, Leo, Stephen, Warren, who have given me so much when they had so little.
Jan Arriens

To my friends William Bryson, Norman Cleary, Alexander Williams and James Brown.
Your friendships over many years has meant so much to me.
May you rest in peace. Carole

In memory of Sam who opened my eyes to so much
and of Alan and Tracy. Special friends all - Clare.

For those we have lost to execution;
what a paradox it is that though we abhor your circumstances,
they are the very reason we have had these marvellous friendships.
Helen Keeler

To my friends, John Walter Castro, Michael Roberts, John Hooker and Zane Fields.
You have all brought something special to our lives.
Your memories live on in our hearts and always will.
Love Karen.

To Jack For Phillip, lost to the state of Tennessee. At peace now - Clare

To Granville and Jesse

You changed my view of the world!

In memory of my dear friends Ignacio, from whose quiet wisdom I learned so much, and Anthony whose vitality and humour were a joy to all who knew him. Jean Peake

In memory of my friend Kevin Zimmerman, executed in Texas in 2004
Thanks for the friendships that mean so much. You will always be remembered.
For all those who have died on death rows throughout the world.
With love from John Wilkinson and Helena Morwood.

For two unknown, who died without a friend
Alice, in support of LifeLines

to those who trod a long and hard path and kept hoping, Sonja For absent friends. Beryl

Donated by J W Arriens, Carole Butcher, Clare B, Helen Keeler, K A Collett, Naomi Cikalo, Clare Broom-Harvey, Fiona Kent, Jean Peake, Catherine Willis, William Glasse, John Wilkinson & Helena Morwood, Ms J Richards, Claire Jenkins, Margaret A Olivier,

1st January 1970

For Michael, Good Wishes, MM.

Donated by Margaret Mary Bolton

In memory of Randle Robinson and Ernest Carter. Diana Sanderson

Donated by Diana Sanderson

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Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Supporting and Befriending Prisoners
on deathrow in the United States
through letter writing's grove
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