A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Wedding of Emma & Gregory
Emma Dummett & Gregory Norminton
3rd July 2010

A grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands

We met in Edinburgh and still live there. For this and many other reasons, Scotland will always be important to us.

Trees for Life is a wonderful charity (Gregory has volunteered twice now), and we can't imagine a more fitting way to celebrate our marriage than with a wedding grove.

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We wish you a wonderful future. Blessings for your life together. David & Sheila

Donated by David Carroll

1st November 2011

With all best wishes for a long and happy marriage. Much love, Michele and Julian

Donated by Mr gregory d norminton

11th January 2011

With love from Octavia

Donated by Octavia Knox Cartwright

9th August 2010

From Rollo and Virginia Barnes

Donated by Miss EEC Dummett

28th July 2010

It's fantastic to be adding to a grove of trees rather than a forest of toasters. Thank you for a brilliant wedding. Love, Mike and Amanda

Donated by Michael Dennis Stocks

14th July 2010

Looks more like a forest than a grove! Hugely disappointed to miss the big event but I wish you both all happiness in the future. James

Donated by Mr J C Robinson

9th July 2010

Chers Gregory et Emma, nous vous souhaitons une longue vie heureuse ensemble pour que votre union puisse voir grandir ces arbres Affectueusement Jean, Sean et Caroline

Donated by Dr D Norminton

7th July 2010

Dear Emma and Gregory, So sorry, we couldn't be with you, but hope to toast you in your grove one day. Much love, Kate and Hamish

Donated by Kate Harris

7th July 2010

May your love grow stronger through the years. Janet

Donated by Janet Saunders

7th July 2010

Dear Emma and Gregory, Many congratulations on your wedding, and wishing you a deep and majestic concord in the rise of the long low lines of piny hills, as Ruskin just might have said. Best wishes, Peter and Clare

Donated by Peter Garratt

6th July 2010

The system is not accepting my witticisms and Shelley quotations, so I am simply sending you some trees with much love! Abbie xxx

Donated by Abigail G Garrington

5th July 2010

Many congratulations! Jon is sorry he was not able to make it to the wedding but he is sure Judy celebrated for two. Judy and Jon

Donated by Jonathan Lightman

4th July 2010

Wishing you, Emma and Gregory, many blessings and much love in your life together following the Light, Jasmine

Donated by Miss J M S Perinpanayagam

3rd July 2010

Wishing you every happiness for the future. Lots of love, Neil and Clare

Donated by Neil Shaw

3rd July 2010

Dear Emma and Gregory, Wishing you a beautiful day, a beautiful forest, and a beautiful life together. xx Louie and Karen xx

Donated by Louie Stowell

3rd July 2010

Dear Emma and Gregory, Congratulations - with no cheesy tree metaphors. Except may you be strong for each other like oaks, may your love grow and never wilt and bend with each other like willows. I will stop now. Congratulations and our love to you both. James and Elizabeth

Donated by Sarah E Anderson

2nd July 2010

To Emma and Gregory, With lots of love and best wishes on your special day. Iain.

Donated by Iain Moran

1st July 2010

This will be something to look forward to and cherish all your life together. Lots of love Mum and D.

Donated by N T Dummett

1st July 2010

"Now among dark perpendicular firs like the shafted columns of a cathedral - now through a hazel copse matted with primroses and wild hyacinths - now under broad beeches in bright young leaves they threaded their way..." [Thomas Hardy; Under the Greenwood Tree]. With all our love as you thread your way, Anna, Will and Ranulph.

Donated by Mrs A C Wagner

30th June 2010

For Emma and Gregory, with many congratulations on your wedding. May your love together keep on growing in strength and beauty. Love from Isobel and all at Blake Friedmann.

Donated by Isobel Dixon

30th June 2010

To Emma and Gregory, wishing you a long, healthy, successful and very happy life together. With loads of love from Georgie xx

Donated by G M Kirk

29th June 2010

To Emma and Gregory Wishing you every happiness for your future together. With love from Viv and Giles and all the family

Donated by Mrs V A Shedden

28th June 2010

I wish you a wonderful and happy life together. Elisabetta

Donated by Elisabetta Fabrizi

27th June 2010

To Emma and Gregory on your wedding day 3July 2010 with love and best wishes from Michael and Lynda Rose

Donated by Mr M Rose

25th June 2010

Wishing you both every happiness and success in your future life together. With much love Anne, Bruce, Robert and Sarah.

Donated by Mrs Anne C M Galley

23rd June 2010

May the music of these trees at dawn be a prelude to this union of loving and joyful twin souls. With much love Robert

Donated by Dr. Robert Butler

15th June 2010

"He who plants a tree, plants a hope" (Lucy Larcom) Love & best wishes to you both - John & Christine

Donated by Mrs Christine Lindsay

5th June 2010

Emma and Gregory, With Love and Best Wishes for your Wedding and the Future, from Jane, Martin, Simon, Laura, Jamie and Lucy

Donated by Jane Bailey

25th May 2010

To Emma and Gregory, with my very best wishes for a happy life together. May you and the trees thrive for many, many years to come! Caroline

Donated by Mrs C J Kirk

10th May 2010

Lots of love to you both James and Jo Weitz

Donated by James Weitz

2nd May 2010

To further continue the growing process!! Gros bisous Maman & Papa

1st May 2010

To begin the growing process!! bisous Natalie

Donated by Natalie Lindsay

1st May 2010

Donated by Mr Gregory D Norminton

22nd March 2010

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Emma Dummett & Gregory Norminton's grove
Trees in this grove: 418

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