Clare Wilson and Jan Zeschky's wedding/partnership grove
Saturday May 5, 2007

Clare Wilson and Jan Zeschky   grove

Hello everyone, welcome to our wedding page!

As we said in our invitations, we've got our fair share of material goods. So instead we would like to ask you to help us do something a bit different: plant our own little forest.

We've both always loved the wild places of Scotland, the mountains, glens, forests, midges, June blizzards and all. So we feel that giving something back to this environment would make us very happy. Regenerating the native Caledonian forest is, without doubt, a worthwhile cause and one we hope you will join us in supporting.

Also, we hope one day soon we will take the opportunity to move to Canada, where Jan was born, and it would be nice to know we were leaving something for the Highlands - and that we will always have our own piece of the wilderness to visit (and you can visit too).

Later in the year we hope to take a 'hands-on' approach to this project by joining a Trees For Life working week. Naturally, you are all invited :-)

All your donations are very much appreciated!

Love from Clare and Jan.

P.S. Save your hippy jokes for the wedding.

Ihr Lieben alle!

Willkommen auf unserer Internet Hochzeitsseite!

In unseren Einladungen haben wir es ja schon erwhnt, da wir eigentlich alles haben, was so zum Haushalt gehrt. Deshalb mchten wir Euch fragen, ob Ihr uns bei einer anderen Sache helfen wollt, nmlich, unseren eigenen kleinen Wald zu pflanzen.

Wir lieben beide die unberhrte Natur in Schottland, die Berge, Tler, Wlder, Mcken, Schneegestber im Juni und was sonst noch dazu gehrt. Deshalb glauben wir, da es gut wre, wenn wir dieser wunderbaren Natur etwas zurckgeben knnten. Den uralten, kaledonischen Hochwald wieder aufzuforsten ist ohne Zweifel eine gute Sache und wir wrden uns freuen, wenn Ihr sie mit uns zusammen untersttzen wrdet.

Dazu kommt, da wir in nicht allzu weiter Ferne gerne nach Kanada, wo Jan geboren wurde, ziehen mchten. Es wre schn, wenn wir dann ein Stck von uns im schottischen Hochland zurcklassen knnten - ein Fleckchen Erde, das uns gehrt und das wir jederzeit besuchen knnen (Ihr brigens auch!)

Spter im Jahr hoffen wir, eine Woche mit dem Projekt "Trees for Life" zu verbringen, und werden dann versuchen, selber Hand anzulegen. (Natrlich drft Ihr alle dabei mitmachen!)

Wir freuen uns auf Eure Spendengeschenke.


Clare und Jan

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6th February 2006

Dear Clare and Jan, Best of luck for the future. Love Bryony and David.

Viel Glueck und Segenswuensche zu Eurer Hochzeit !!!

Nice idea, the trees! Really looking forward to the 5th and wish you both lots of happiness. Heather xx

Dear Jan and Clare, I wish both you and your trees a wonderful future! Best wishes, Martin

Dear Clare and Jan, This is such a lovely idea, now you can be old together and watch your trees grow. You can walk around holding hands and making doe-eyes at each other in your own little grove, embarrasing all the young people. You can tell them that in your day, all this was just fields. Now the highlands will be a little bit better, thanks to you. With all my best wishes that everything will be great forever, Love Sara

Dear Clare and Jan, what a wonderful idea! A little bit of Scotland all of your very own. With all our best wishes Grace and John

Congratulations Clare & Jan - may your love continue to grown as strong as the trees in your wedding grove! Love and best wishes Barry & Jillian xx

Just had to contribute to the Zeschky/Wilson forest! Here's to a fab day on the 5th and wishing you all the best for the future. I feel really priveleged to be part of your special day! Love Anna

Jan & Clare, Thank you for the opportunity to help you get wood for your wedding!! Best of luck for your big day and we'll see you at the weekend! Lots of Love, Neil & Katie

Dear Clare and Jan, Congratulations and all the best for the future. With Love,Carrie and Stuart

Great idea! All the best for the 5th and the future. Hope to see your trees some day. The Sims

'He that plants trees loves others beside himself'(Thomas Fuller 1654-1734) A fitting testament to you both.Good luck with the forest. We wish you every happiness and a long and happy life together. From David and Loraine Best

Cool and Groovy, all the best for the wedding day and the future! Mike & Shirley & Hans & Gertie

Dear Jan and Clare, We wish you every happiness for the future together. Love from Gary and Emma Jane

Dear Jan and Clare, Congratulations, and best wishes for your future. Love Michal and Chris.

Clare & Jan, This is a lovely idea! We hope you have a wonderful wedding and a very happy married life, and that a nice family of red squirrels come and live in your trees. With lots of love, Fiona & Alan

Grovey - Alsidair & Hannah

Dear Clare and Jan, Congratulations to you both, we are so happy for you. All the best for the future. Lots of love Emma and Matt xxxxx

Great Idea, keep a part of Scotland, hope you have a wonderful day, love Louise

To Clare & Jan, many congratulations and enjoy your bit of forest! love Jane xx

It was a magic day, really loved it, you both looked gorgeous and made everyone happy. Best of all, the beer was cheap! Honoured to be there. Love you both loads, Kim and Charlotte xxx

A noble cause. Having lived where some of the remains of the forest are, and knowing how ace it is (and having consumed some of the luvverly mushrooms that grow there) we're foursquare behind you. That's an alternative posh way of saying well done and good luck. Love Ross and Charlotte

Late as usual, hope you've had a lovely honeymoon. What a great wedding! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Zeschky, with love, Louise and Peter.

All the best for the future! Let us know when your Ewok village gets built. Neil and Sarah.

Donated by Bryony Reid, Ingo Zeschky, Heather Ower, Martin Ritchie, S A Munday, Mrs G Munday, Jillian Barnes, Anna Robb, Fleming, Carrie Ballantyne, Janette Sim, Loraine Best, Michael Freist, Emma Jane Mullan, Chris Cowan, Fiona Gray, Alisdair Macdonald, Miss E E Mc

1st January 1970

Your grove of trees

The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Clare Wilson and Jan Zeschky's grove
Trees in this grove: 208

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