Francesca Anne Hewson's memorial grove
4th October 1997 - 20th December 2010




I was born on 4th October 1997. My first week was spent in neonatal but all seemed well when I left for home. Six weeks later I started having seizures and have been in and out of hospital ever since. Spontaneous fractures, feeding difficulties, a scoliosis and more recently appendix and bowel problems all took their toll but didn't dent my sociable, happy nature.

I always have a smile on my face. You know it costs nothing but can give so much; it is a moment, the memory of which can last forever. I always get smiles in return. Whenever I am out & about a smile seems to draw people to come & have a chat.
A smile really is infectious!

I have great support and love from my family & friends. I live with my mummy, daddy and 2 very cheeky brothers: Matthew & Sam. Daddy loves calling me curly as I have very curly hair. Mummy makes me work hard with my physio but I do so enjoy the rough and tumble of it all. My brothers like to help feed me and I love all their kisses & cuddles the best medicine ever!

All of my teachers & carers are fantastic and are like an extension to our family.

I love being part of a group - being pampered and listening to gossip. I am so lucky to have so many genuine friends maybe something to do with that smile of mine?!

Pink is my favourite colour and my favourite activities include hydrotherapy/water play, stories, music, lights and sensory toys.

I like to be out and about especially the park and countryside. I love it when my Mummy & Daddy take me around the park although they do get a little tired. Whether that's me or them getting older or a combination of the two, I'm not quite sure!

Despite being in my wheelchair my family have taken me to many places that were sometimes difficult to negotiate - the summit of the Cairngorm Mountains was achieved by mountain railway.

One time we went to Scarborough Castle which is at the top of a very very steep hill. We managed to get the car quite close,
but then decided to take a stroll along the beach at the bottom of the hill. Getting down was no problem but climbing back up was another story - it took all the strength of my Daddy, Uncle Brian & Uncle Andrew to push me back up to the top but was great fun as they had to push very fast. I giggled all the way back up the hill!

It is time for me to go now as God is calling, but remember......

"We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do...........Let us always meet each other with smile,
for the smile is the beginning of love......" - Mother Teresa

"Ave Maria"
Godfather Kenny

"Somewhere over the rainbow/Wonderful world"



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Donated by Matt Horner

6th June 2019

Donated by Sophia Ward

1st March 2019

Big hugs love Auntie Anne

Donated by Anne Baldwin

28th December 2018

The legacy you left us
was of happiness and love,
And that shines on forever
From the glorious skies above.

You brought joy and beauty
From the moment of your birth,
Now in Heaven you're an angel
Just as you were on Earth.

Mum, Dad, Matthew, Sam

Donated by Mum,Dad,Matthew,Sam

3rd October 2018

Poppy,thinking of you everyday and pray for you.
You would have been twenty one this year, missing you so much.
You are always in our thoughts and prayers, love you always.
Your loving nana & grandpa xxx

Donated by Sonia & Michael

3rd October 2018

We know how much your beautiful daughter means to you. Happy belated Birthday Tony.

Donated by Y301

1st May 2018

Beautiful words with a magical smile brought tears to my eyes...thinking of Francesa and family. Xxx💕

Donated by Amina

23rd December 2017

Poppy, thinking of you on your 20th birthday. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope you are supremely happy with our LORD in Heaven.
Love you always, Nana and Grandpa xxxx

Donated by Sonia & Michael

6th October 2017

Poppy, you are always in our thoughts and daily prayers. Always loving you Your Nana and Grandpa x x

Donated by Sonia & Michael Vig

27th December 2016

Thinking of you each and every day. Always in our hearts

Donated by Dad, Mum, Matthew,Sam

20th December 2016

Thinking of you. Love you forever. Your loving Nana

Donated by Sonia Vig

4th October 2016

Thinking of you. Love you forever Your loving Grandpa

Donated by Sushil Michael Vig

4th October 2016

17th March 2016

Donated by Leah

11th March 2016

Your dad keeps you alive in his memory and is always smiling when he tells me stories about how loved you are.

Donated by Billiejeana Hannigan

7th October 2015

You were an angel from heaven, you fell right into our hearts. We remember the sparkle that danced in your eyes & the loving smile upon your face. You are missed to this day. Lots of love always

Donated by Edwina, Michael, Joshua, Rebecca & May

5th October 2015

It's your 18th birthday today. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We always pray Mary mother of God - Queen of Heaven to look after you in heaven. Your ever loving Nana & Grandpa

Donated by Sonia & Michael

4th October 2015

A Candle For Francesca

You left us far too early,
we never saw you grow.
We hold a candle for you,
your always in our hearts.
Let it glow forever,
until were back together.

Donated by Uncle Brian

2nd October 2015

I did not know Francesca but having read a little about her and spoken about her with her Dad, she sounds like an inspiration. If only we all dealt with what life throws at us with such high spirits.

Donated by Camille Goddard

1st April 2015

           - Pamela Y Sills

The trust and joy within your eyes,
The memories which will never die.

When I think of you
I think of the trees
And from within the trees
I feel a breeze

A breeze which tells
Of courage and love
And a Power that guides
Us from Above.

A breeze which tells of a beautiful girl,
With courage beyond belief,
And of parents who wanted to help the world
At a time of terrible grief.

It tells how that girl
Who, though ill from birth,
Gave joy to others
While she dwelt on Earth.

Loved by relatives and friends,
On whose love she could depend,
Her every day, her every hour,
Treasured like a precious flower.
And she gave such pleasure all the while,
Through her ever-ready smile.

And the child grew to love the trees,
Her eyes lit up at the fallen leaves
And the rustling sound as they wheeled her chair
In the gentle, Autumn air.

Then, the breeze tells of that sad day,
When her gentle soul just slipped away,

Her parents stricken in their grief,
Resolved, some way, to find relief,
That their daughter's life be not in vain,
To bring ease to others in their pain.

And their deeds of love,
So brave and strong,
To list them here
Would be too long.

But one such deed,
The breeze explains,
Was to dedicate trees
In their daughter's name,
And they invited friends
To do the same.

And so with others,
Who'd been bereaved,
Likewise to plant
And nurture trees.

And the forest grew
From strength to strength,
Supplying Earth's oxygen when spent,
Giving hope, giving air,
Relieving grief and despair.

And we hear her laughing in the breeze,
Walking through the Autumn leaves,
And the branches reach up to the sky,
And loved-ones smile, when once they sighed.

Donated by The Sills Family

17th February 2015

Her Smile

Though her smile has gone forever
and her hand I cannot touch,
I still have so many memories
of the one I loved so much
Her memory is my keepsake
with which I will never part,
God has her in his keeping,
I have her in my heart.

Your loving
Mum, Dad, Matthew, Sam

Donated by Stella, Dad, Matthew, Sam

19th December 2014

Love you forever. Grandpa xxxx

Donated by Sushil Michael Vig

19th December 2014

Love you forever. Nana xxxx

Donated by Sonia Vig

19th December 2014

Butterflies hover, and Feathers appear, whenever lost loved Ones and Angels are Near Some people come into our lives and quickly go, some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same. Anne xx

Donated by Anne Baldwin

19th December 2014

Francesca - too briefly in our lives, but always in our hearts, our memories of you are the joy that soothes our sadness. With much love - the Patience Family.

Donated by Pauline Patience

6th October 2014

In loving memory of beautiful Francesca - may God keep you forever in his care. God Bless from Edna, Alan, Louise, Neil, Charlotte & Dominic, James & Amanda. xx

Donated by Edna Kennealy

23rd December 2013

These trees know a thing, or two, with their roots in the earth, but their arms outstretched toward heaven. Calm,strong, and silently proud, like a mother's love. Born of the eternal seed of True Love, that weathers all storms.

Donated by Ken Runciman

2nd July 2013

Never more than a thought away, Loved and remembered every day. Edwina, Michael, Joshua & Rebecca xxxx If tears made a stairway and memories a lane, we would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. Edwina, Michael, Joshua & Rebecca xxxx

Donated by Edwina Elsey

29th May 2013

Francesca 2012 has been a year of challenges and achievements. Thank you very much for inspiring all of us to reach out. In 2013 we are planning to launch a charitable educational foundation in your loving memory. May Our Lady,Queen Of Heaven,look after you in Heaven. Your ever loving Grandpa 1st January 2013

Donated by Grandpa (Sushil Michael Vig)

3rd January 2013

Francesca My Angel I shall love you forever-missing you always Your ever loving Nana 1st January 2013

Donated by Nana (Sonia Vig)

3rd January 2013

Dear Francesca Today on this very special day, your birthday, I send you all my love and hope Granddad & Grandma are looking after you & you're keeping an eye on them. Time goes so fast & I still cannot believe it is nearly 2 years since you left our side. Your radiant smile & loving presence is always around us and deep in our hearts. We are planning to visit the Caledonian Forest in May of next year to see for ourselves the peace, tranquillity & beauty of the Highlands. Hopefully we will be able to find some of the trees that have been planted in your memory. It will be our little "peace" of heaven, something that you experience every day. "The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace." Numbers 6: 24-26 God Bless you my beloved Curly Your ever loving Dad xxxx 4th October 2012

Donated by Anthony Hewson

4th October 2012

Donated by Mrs A C Yates

2nd April 2012

Donated by Marina Papini

28th February 2012

All the words in the world couldn't describe your smile. Always in our thoughts. Steve, Elaine & Will

Donated by Steve, Elaine & Will

10th January 2012

For Francesca from Susie.

Donated by Susie Runciman

23rd November 2011

Francesca Your mum & dad got us a Rose Bush called 'Francesca Rose'. It looked like three brown sticks just a few inches tall. Within weeks it started to grow into a beautiful rosebush. It was awe inspiring how two branches grew on the left & the right looking like two wings, and the first flush of flowers formed a perfect circle, looking like a fragrant halo. It flowered in April, to celebrate your dad's birthday, then in June on your mum's birthday, and now in October there is a glorious golden rose on your birthday. Your loving memory is a constant inspiration that is leading us to beautiful destinations. We will always love you very much. Very very, very very, Very very, very much Your ever loving Grandpa S Michael Vig

Donated by Grandpa (S. Michael Vig)

1st November 2011

Francesca, my sweetheart I will love you forever You will be in my thoughts and prayers always. Your ever loving Nana Sonia Vig

Donated by Nana (Sonia Vig)

1st November 2011

Donated by Susie Runciman

5th October 2011

Dear Francesca Today is a very special day and I am sending you all my love on your Birthday. Although your physical presence is not with us today, your spirit and beauty is all around . I know you will have a lovely party in heaven with all your family and friends. God Bless Your loving Dad xxxxxx 4th October 2011

4th October 2011

Wishing you a great birthday full of love and happiness in heaven above. From your ever-loving brother, Matthew

Donated by Matthew Hewson

4th October 2011

Dear Curly, Your birthday's here, the leaves are falling, it's turning autumnal. I miss you so much but you're always in my heart. Your ever-loving brother, Sam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Donated by Sam Hewson

4th October 2011

Thinking of you each and every day and especially today - the day that you were born. Memories flood back of the anxiety and joy of giving birth to a beautiful daughter. A daughter who more than anyone else taught the true meaning of love and brought so much clarity among chaos; who could steal a heart with a smile. Your love is still the greatest gift of all. My love for you grows with each passing day, more than anyone can ever know. Your ever-loving mother

Donated by Stella Hewson

4th October 2011

Donated by Yvonne Beadle

26th September 2011

Dear Francesca We at Penderels never had the chance to know you, but we do know that you were as precious as childhood itself and that you are missed by many. When we see a tree planted for you, then growing, then climbing ever higher, we would like to think that the tree is trying to touch your spirit - high in the heavens - to thank you for touching us with your spirit when you were here on this earth. God bless you, Francesca The Staff of Penderels Trust

Donated by The staff of Penderels Trust

19th July 2011

As father's day approaches my thoughts they turn to you a light that lift's up my heart my love I give to you your smile a shining beacon that is with me through and through. Your loving Dad xxxx 15th June 2011

15th June 2011

Francesca: Quietly with love your memory we treasure. Loving you always, forgetting you never. Your loving godmother Edwina. XXXXX

Donated by Edwina, Michael, Joshua and Rebecca

18th May 2011

I wish that you were here to see spring spring to life. Now its spring that springs, The new hatched chicks have their wings, Every single bunny rabbit, Is eating carrots that's their habit, Now my poem's come to an end, May your eternal life extend. Your ever loving brother Matthew xxxx
Dear Curly We miss you lots, hope you're getting used to your wings love you lots xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx Your ever loving brother Sam XXXX

Donated by Sam, Matthew

2nd May 2011

Francesca, an angel from Heaven, floated into our lives and then floated back to Heaven again. One day we will meet again, on a very special day. It will be bright, ever so bright. It will be beautiful, ever so beautiful. It will be ever, ever so peaceful, when we meet again, on a very special day. Francesca, we will always love you Very much. Very, very, very, very, Very, very, very much. Your ever loving Grandpa. (Sushil Michael Vig) 20th March 2011 XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Donated by Sushil Michael, Sonia

21st March 2011

My darling Granddaughter Francesca - my Poppy - my Angel. I still dearly love you and always will. I will never forget your smiles
and you will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Love you always. Your ever loving Nana (Sonia Vig) 20th March 2011 XXXXXXXXXXXXX

21st March 2011

Dear Francesca, Everything about you was so special, those big bright eyes, that cheeky grin, your wonderful smile, your curly hair ("My little Curly"). Where ever you were, whether it was at home or out and about, you radiated so much love. You had a magnetism that drew so many people to want to come and talk to you. A day does not go by when I feel a deep sadness in my heart. Your presence is sorely missed, but your memory lives on. God gave us a truly brave and remarkable young lady who always had the most wonderful of smiles. You will always by my special little girl Your loving Dad x ***********

Donated by Tony

9th March 2011

Dearest Francesca, Thank you for showing me the true meaning of love. The thought of your smile keeps a smile on my face. You are forever in my heart and soul. Your ever-loving mum x ***********

Donated by Stella

8th March 2011

A grove of Caledonian Trees has been planted to honour the memory of Francesca Anne Hewson 4th October 1997 - 20th December 2010. With all our love, Ken, Susie and Rosie Runciman

Donated by The Runciman family

24th January 2011

In you, a star was born. Your inner light still sparkles with such brilliance. Sweet sixteen, Always in our thoughts Xxxx

Donated by Mum, Dad, Matthew and Sam

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